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Practice with our Valmont Hogan PrepPacks™

Our Valmont Hogan PrepPacks™ were designed to familiarize you with the Hogan test format and material. You will be able to surpass the other Valmont candidates using our wide range of preparation materials.

Valmont Hogan Test

JobTestPrep's Hogan–style personality test PrepPack™ contains over 260 true/false and agree/disagree questions, personality trait analysis, and personalized feedback.

Valmont Mechanical Reasoning Test

Most mechanical reasoning and electrical reasoning tests introduce basic concepts of Newtonian mechanics and static and dynamic electricity. The focus is usually not on calculations, but understanding of the basic principles involved. The questions are usually standard multiple-choice questions, where only one answer is correct out of several optional answers. As the tests are timed, rehearsing the concepts and knowing what questions usually look like improves performance in terms of both accuracy and response time.

Valmont Leadership Assessment Test

Are you a leader? Leadership assessments will test the different components of an ideal visionary who is prepared for motivating others, making tough decisions and maintaining healthy interpersonal relations. As a result, the following skills will most likely be examined : Timely and effective problem solving, acceptance of fault, motivation to lead, and clarity of direction.

Valmont Apprenticeship Exams

Apprenticeship entrance exams take many forms. They vary not only in terms of the different aptitudes needed for each trade, but also in regards to the number of questions, the length of time allotted, and the test format itself. Your apprentice training program will determine the entrance exam you need to take. However, the primary goal of all trades entrance exams is to ensure that you have the fundamental knowledge and reasoning ability to handle the technical training portion of the apprenticeship. The three primary areas that are often tested include English and reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, and mathematics. This is exactly the preparation focus provided at JobTestPrep.


Come Prepared for the Valmont Hogan Test

JobTestPrep was founded with the goal of helping job seekers worldwide overcome the often-daunting task of successfully passing company assessment tests. However, with our wide variety of tests in numerous work categories, ranging from the C-Levels to the 9-5 blue collar you will be sure to find the materials you need to propel your career forward. Our specially designed tests help you hone in on various cognitive abilities with comprehensive tasks, exercises and score calculations to boot. Before Valmont assessment day your road to success starts with JobTestPrep's.


Valmont Interview Structure

Valmont’s interview process is many-fold. After you upload your résumé and cover letter on its website, you will have a phone interview with a Human Resources manager. On the phone interview, expect to answer questions about your education and working history. You may also be asked about the companies for which you worked previously. This interview usually lasts for half of an hour approximately. If your phone interview goes well, you will receive a link to tests that Valmont asks its job applicants to take, before it decides whether to move forward with their candidacy. Upon successful completion of the assessment tests, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview in Valmont. On this interview, you will meet with your prospective managers who will ask you questions about your professionalism and aptitude for the applied position. Some questions may be situational; in other words, you will need to tell them about the situation where you faced a challenge to which you successfully responded by choosing a specific course of actions. You will sound clearer on your interview, if you answer situational questions according to the STAR format. Provided you were impressive on your face-to-face interview, you will receive an appointment letter from Valmont.

All You Need to Know Before Launching Your Job Search

Why Does Valmont Use Personality Tests During Recruitment?

A personality test has the ability to give your interviewer deeper insight into your workplace competencies, more so than a written CV/ resume can. The main goal of these assessments is to ensure that Valmont will be recruiting someone whose personality profile matches that of the job being offered. It is highly recommended that you research and brush up on the competencies Valmont is looking for prior to taking their personality test.

What Factors in to the Situational Judgement Test Score?

There are four primary main areas that the SJT focuses upon including; decision making, problem solving, interpersonal skills and organizational skills.

  • Decision Making: Your employer wants to know before hiring you, how you cope with making tough on the spot decisions. This is especially true for those vying for C-Level positions.
  • Problem Solving: Do you have the logical, critical and analytical skills needed to innovate and keep your company relevant with viable solutions for evolving markets?
  • Interpersonal Skills: A company (especially the corporations) is made of many moving parts. Do you have the personality to successfully collaborate between divisions to get the job done?
  • Organizational Skills: As the old saying goes, time is money and companies in our fast paced and never ending work weeks need you to be on the ball and organized to quickly take on any challenge.

What Should I Expect During the Valmont Interview?

Most interviews include questions regarding your availability, work experience, salary expectations, what you know about the position being offered (responsibilities, duties, etc.), why you would like to work for Valmont, etc. During the Valmont interviews it is advisable to be aware all of the potential questions you may be asked and the proper way in which to respond to each. Since aptitude tests are often part of the Valmont recruitment process, it is also recommended to familiarize yourself with their formats, material, and answers. JobTestPrep’s highly specialized PrepPacks™ have been designed to cover every aspect of any given company’s recruitment process and will undoubtedly give you an advantage over the other Valmont applicants.

What Is the Purpose of the Valmont Hogan Tests?

The purpose of the Valmont Hogan tests is to get a better idea of your suitability for the position being offered by Valmont. Preparing for this test beforehand will give you the ability to improve the competencies and skills Valmont is looking for in its potential employees.

Why Does Valmont Use Hogan-Style Tests During Their Recruitment Process?

Pre-employment Hogan -style assessment tests have become commonplace for many companies over the years. These tests have been designed to give further insight into your workplace strengths and abilities. If they happen to match with the Valmont’s competencies and standards, you are more likely to be offered the position.


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