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Getting the job with Softbank comes down to how you have prepared. By signing up with JobTestPrep, you will gain access to dozens of pre-employment practice tests, study guides and more. Join us today to beat your Softbank assessments tomorrow.

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The Softbank Hiring Process – What you need to know:

Starting with the application, moving to the interview and tests and then the final decision, here are some great tips to help you glide through the process:

Financial Analyst Hiring Process

  • Phone Interview: The phone interview will take around 10 minutes. You should expect the phone representative to ask questions in regarding your resume and background. 
  • In-Person Interview: You will be expected to maintain a high level of professional mannerisms and etiquette. Be prepared for many math and quantitative analysis based questions.
  • Online Testing: After successful completion of your video interview you may be invited to take an online round of testing, which could include verbal and mathematical assessments. We will describe the tests below.

Recent interview Questions with suggested answers:

    • Q: Why do you think Softbank  will be the right fit for you?
    • A: When providing your answer brings up the companies successes and strength in the industry on the whole. Moreover, research the numerous
    • Q: What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
    • A: Talk about building processes within the company, which either saved money and made the office more efficient.


Pre-Hire Tests

The tests will vary from position to position, but here are few you can count on expecting,

Numerical Test

The Numerical Series Test asks you to find an omitted number in a sequence. What is important for solving tasks on this test is to understand the value of the interval between numbers. The questions posed on the Numerical Series Test usually consist of four visible numbers and one missing number. Check the arithmetic relationship between numbers and then look at intervals between them. You will find multiplications and divisions used in given sequences.

Verbal Test

The verbal assessments measure your ability to reach accurate conclusions based on a written passage or passages. Gauging a candidate’s verbal logic is essential for companies who are looking for applicants with strong communication skills.

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