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JobTestPrep’s HSBC PrepPacks™

 JobTestPrep's offers a number of preparation packages with tailored materials for a number of positions. 


Come Prepared for the HSBC Situational Judgment Test and Application

Utilizing JobTestPrep’s in-depth PrepPacks™ will easily give you an advantage over the other candidates applying for the HSBC position. Our comprehensive practice materials include not only the HSBC tests, but also in-depth answer keys, explanations, and study guides. Start practising today and excel in your HSBC tests tomorrow!

HSBC Situational Judgement Tests

The HSBC Situational Judgement Test (SJT) provides insight into your abilities to effectively approach conflicts and scenarios that may come up during the workday. You will also be asked to choose a series different statements that best or least describe you. The results of this test will allow HSBC to gain a better understanding regarding your workplace competencies, as well as your compatibility with their company standards.

HSBC Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical reasoning also called Verbal, Inductive, or Deductive Reasoning tests assesses the candidates' ability to read and understand complicated texts and, most importantly, to utilize critical thinking skills to draw conclusions and recognize important

HSBC Personality Tests

A strong handshake is not all you need in order to land your dream job. HSBC administers a personality test, as part of the hiring process. The tests generally range around 200 questions and give the employer a stronger sense of whether you are the right personality for the position and the company work culture at large. True, while there are no right and wrong answers, the tests are designed to measure your creativity, honesty, ethics and overall personality.

HSBC Bank Teller Simulation

The Bank Teller simulation test is a great tool for mimicking real-like banking scenarios that you will face. These simulations range from customer service skills to verifying a check. This test will also help your interviewers understand your working style under management as well as in a team. If you have never worked inside of a bank before, you may not be completely familiar with these situations and procedures. Our PrepPack™ includes a virtual simulation that will help you feel more familiar and confident when taking the test.

HSBC Microsoft Excel & Word Tests 


A basic level Excel assessment test aims to evaluate your abilities to use this software for everyday office tasks - more common for entry level and administrative roles. It will probably include almost no advanced questions such as functions and macros. Most of the questions deal with basic formatting, standard tables and basic commands such as saving and printing properties (page breaks and print area definition). You will also be required to know how to define a cell reference, filter and sort data and manage the page layout. However, basic is not necessarily easy. You still have to know the software's fundamentals.


The HSBC Microsoft Office test will assess your ability to complete tasks using the Microsoft Word software at various difficulty levels. The basic level test will evaluate your know-how in using Microsoft Word for everyday office tasks. These tasks can range from basic formatting, saving, and printing properties. A basic Microsoft Office test is not necessarily easy and it is advisable to have at least some familiarity with the fundamentals of the software prior to taking the assessment.

HSBC Interview Preparation

In your interview with HSBC, you should expect questions focusing on your competencies. Come prepared with answers about your experience addressing situations which relate to key competencies relating to HSBC. Use our Interview PrepPack™ to practice answering interview questions and to ensure a stellar performance during your HSBC interview.

Frequently Asked Questions by HSBC Candidates

How Are HSBC Tests Scored?

HSBC aptitude tests are used as a means to measure your abilities in key areas for the position you are applying. These tests are generally scored based on the number of questions you have answered correctly. This score is then compared to other applicants against the average benchmark score.

How Are SJTs Formulated?

The scenarios presented on SJTs always ask for a resolution of a given conflict which, although being hypothetical, might very much rely on, or represent, realistic situations that occur in a workplace. You will then be asked to choose a preferred method of action out of a number of possible options. The conflict/scenario may involve supervisor-subordinate relationships, stress and disagreement between work colleagues, etc. The situations described may vary according to the role one is applying for. Managers, police officers, sales representatives, etc. are all likely to receive different questionnaires, as they are being evaluated for specific traits and aptitudes. You are encouraged to choose your responses spontaneously, based on intuition; however, analyzing the scenarios and choosing responses that highlight your skills will allow you to better present yourself on the test.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me to Prepare for My HSBC Mathematical Reasoning Tests?

Practicing is the best way to prepare for any test. This is especially true for numerical reasoning tests where concepts you haven’t used or even seen in years are bound to come up. Mathematical reasoning questions are easy to find, but getting the answers to check your work and see where you need improvement is key! Our practice packs include answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Seeing the questions in the right format can make all difference in your test performance.


What Does the HSBC Hiring Process Entail?

During the HSBC recruitment process you will be faced with a number of interviews and pre-hire assessments. These assessments will give your interviewers additional insight into your strengths and workplace abilities that do not always come through on a written resume.

How Long does HSBC Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process depends on the number of tasks you have to fulfil. Typically, there are hundreds, if not thousands of candidates are applying for the same job. While most of them are filtered out through the use of online tests, that still leaves many who have to go through face to face assessments and interviews. We can make some generalizations though. Online tests and automatic application screening typically takes no more than a week. However, you will only know if you have got through to the next stage of the application process once the job posting has been closed. The company will normally take some time to come up with a shortlist of candidates who should attend interviews. We can, therefore, say that the entire process can take up to six months.

Check out These 10 Things to Know about the HSBC Recruitment Process:

  1. First, you apply online. Next, you may be required to take assessment tests. After passing, you will get a phone interview. The next stages will be held on-site: a personal interview with several managers including a branch interview.
  2. Common positions you can find in HSBC are personal banker, intern, investment banker, team leader, credit manager, financial analyst, summer analyst, summer internship, phone banker, customer service representative, executive vice president, and investment banking analyst.
  3. While applying to HSBC you may be required to take mathematics tests, personality tests, and situational judgment tests.
  4. As part of the application process, you'll also be required to pass a background check.
  5. As an HSBC employee, you will enjoy the benefits of health insurance you choose by yourself.
  6. HSBC headquarters is located in London, UK.
  7. HSBC is a global company including offices in the USA, Europe, the middle east, Hong Kong, Asia and the Pacific, Africa and of course, the UK.
  8. After you pass the online assessment, make sure to go over your resume and prepare for how to present your relevant experience in the phone interview which follows.
  9.  HSBC managers are interested in your fit as a team member.
  10.  Chances are that after your final interview and offer, you will be required to pass a background check.
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