Citibank Online Assessment Test

There are multiple Citibank online assessment tests, but the two most common are the Citibank personal banker test and the Citibank bank teller exam. Both exams consist of multiple-choice questions and should take you between 45–60 minutes, so make sure you set aside the appropriate amount of time for the Citibank test. The focus of questions on the Citibank test are as follows:


The basis of being a Citibank personal banker or teller is steeped in math. When dealing with client’s finances, it is critical that you understand not only basic math, but more advanced statistics and percentages as well. You must also go over loan rates and mortgages. Therefore, the Citi numerical test is not a simple one.

Situational Judgment

The Citibank application process is a fairly dry one, asking basic questions without being able to really get a feel for how you would react with customers. Therefore, the situational judgment questions are a vital aspect of the Citibank test.

Checking Skills

No matter your position at a bank, you will go over many, many forms with almost identical matching information. Therefore, your keen eye becomes so important, and that is why these questions are a part of the Citibank online assessment test.

Reading Comprehension

Policies and company regulations are notoriously difficult to comprehend at banks. You must really understand what you are reading, and learning, in order to give clients the most optimum mortgage rate, lending options, and savings options possible.

Working Style

Employees tend to be the face of the company. Therefore, the working style questions on the Citibank test are personality-based questions. These assess whether you have the correct profile to fit the company culture as well as the personality to deal with customers on a daily basis.


The Citibank hiring process starts on the Citibank official website, specifically the career page. Once there, you search for the position you desire and fill out the corresponding Citibank job application. You can either fill in all the information manually or link to your LinkedIn page. Once you finish filling in the application, you are brought to the Citibank online test.

Prepare for the Citibank Assessment

Assessment tests have two separate qualities. First, they are a screening tool to make sure unqualified candidates are not called in for time-consuming interviews. Secondly, the information on assessment tests may be used as a basis for future promotions. With JobTestPrep, you receive the tools to not only pass the Citibank pre-employment test but also to excel.

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