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Personal Banker Assessment Test Format

There are various personal banker assessment exams depending on the specific position and banking institution you are applying for. However, they do generally follow the same format. Online personal banker tests tend to be multiple-choice questions, roughly 45 minutes in length covering the following topics.


Considering that banking has its roots in mathematics and its understanding of percentages and statistics, you can expect the majority of the personal banker test questions to be related to math. Customers and clients will expect you to have near-perfect math skills when dealing with their finances, which is a very sensitive topic. The questions may be straightforward math questions or math word problems, and you can practice for them in the Mathematical Test Preparation.

Reading Comprehension

Your reading comprehension and understanding of the banks policies may be the difference between a client staying at the bank or leaving. Therefore it is of vital importance to the bank you would like to get a job at that you have an excellent grasp of reading comprehension. The policies at banks can be notoriously difficult to understand, hence the reason why banks have reading comprehension questions on their personal banker assessment tests.

Situational Judgment

Customers may not always be friendly, speak the language perfectly, or understand the ins-and-outs of banking. Therefore you may be put in various situations where your judgment becomes imperative on how to handle certain situations. The situational judgment questions will vary, the amount and quality, depending on the bank you are applying for.


Personal bankers are the face of the company. The bank hiring you needs to know that you will fit the company culture and will represent them well in front of current and future clients. The personality test is their way of getting to know who you are.

Attention to Detail

Banking requires a great amount of attention to detail. You may come across forms that look extremely similar but have in fact several small changes. These changes can be critical in the financial world and therefore you may be tested on your memory and attention to detail as well.

What Is a Personal Banker?

The personal banker job description can take different shapes and forms. However, the main areas that the personal banker position takes care of are; creating and maintain relationships, selling various services, and taking care of personal client accounts.

JobTestPrep Advantage

The personal banker salary is prestigious and respectable. Therefore, there are many candidates for the personal banker position. JobTestPrep will provide you with the necessary material to not only pass the personal banker pre-employment test, but to excel and impress recruiters as well. JobTestPrep’s personal banker preparation package will include practice tests, detailed explanations, and the study guides you need to prepare and excel.

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