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About JobTestPrep’s Pennymac CCAT Packs

JobTestPrep’s in-depth Pennymac CCAT PrepPacks™ have been designed with your success in mind. Take your Pennymac CCAT assessments with confidence and come out on top with JobTestPrep!

Pennymac CCAT Test

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) as one of its pre-employment aptitude tests. The CCAT measures your problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking. It consists of 50 questions, has a 15-minute time limit, and is comprised of three question categories—math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. It's important to note that very few people manage to finish the entire test within the time limit.

Pennymac Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

The abstract reasoning test is also known as inductive or diagrammatic reasoning and assesses general intellect rather than text book knowledge. Via administering this test, Pennymac will be looking to see how you relate to new concepts and abstract ideas and can be used to asses a wide range of positions within the company. So, be creative, quick and use your fluid intelligence to solve the issues you will be confronted with on the test. Pennymac will administer an abstract reasoning test containing symbols, diagrams and shapes to test your problem-solving abilities in two primary areas.

  • Commonalities – You must discern how various symbols relate to one another in either color, symmetry, size or markings.
  • Patterns – This segment of the test challenges your ability to pick up on sequences, for instance, how a symbol might repeat perhaps vertically or horizontally.


Start Practicing for the Finance Industry Tests

JobTestPrep is here to guide you through your pre-employment assessment at Pennymac. We have created top-notch test simulations and drills and supplied them with clear, well-written study guides and interview practice material. Have a look at our tests, go through a few dry runs with them, and thereby ensure that you do well on your actual examination.


Pennymac Interview Preparation

Impressing your recruiters during both phone and face-to-face interview is crucial, because it is on interviews that they make a hiring decision. Therefore, you should behave confidently and give them clear, smart answers. Note that questions posed on the in-person interview will be competency-based; in other words, they will be directed to ascertain your professionalism and different abilities indispensable for fulfilling your job well. Your prospective managers may also walk you through your résumé and inquire about your previous jobs and reasons for leaving them. Technical questions will also be asked, if you are vying for a technical position. Consult JobTestPrep’s interview practice materials to receive valuable tips on how to comport yourself on your interviews.

How Can JobTestPrep Help to Prepare for my Pennymac Numerical Tests?

Practising is the best way to prepare for any test. This is especially true for numerical reasoning tests where concepts you haven’t used or even seen in years are bound to come up. Numerical reasoning questions are easy to find, but getting the answers to check your work and see where you need improvement is key! Our practice packs include answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Seeing the questions in the right format can make all difference in your test performance. Explore our numerical test examples to familiarize yourself with the question structure as well as on how to submit your answers. Make sure test day holds no surprises.

How Can I Prepare for CCAT Tests?

The ultimate preparation to pass CCAT Tests is to practice. However, there are further factors that can enhance and speed up your preparation process. For this reason, JobTestPrep created a concise preparation pack that contains not only CCAT Tests but also solving strategies, practice tips, and further tools designed by our specialist to help you gear up for the assessment. Start practicing today with JobTestPrep.

What Does the Pennymac Hiring Process Entail?

During the Pennymac recruitment process, you will be faced with a number of interviews and pre-hire CCAT assessments. These CCAT assessments will give your interviewers additional insight into your strengths and workplace abilities that do not always come through on a written resume.


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