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Memphis Light, Gas and Water’s Hiring Process

Depending on the job you are applying for, you likely will complete your application process in three weeks. Below is a step-by-step overview of what the Memphis Light, Gas and Water’s recruitment process looks like:

  • Resume Submission: Memphis Light, Gas and Water is extremely flexible when it comes to applying. You can apply online or go to your local facility. In-person you can hand in a hard resume or upload your resume with a USB drive. Note: if you plan on working for the headquarters, you are required to live in Shelby County, Tennessee. Failure to attain this within the first six months of employment results in termination.
  • (Pre) Employment Exams: If Memphis Light, Gas and Water is interested in you after receiving your resume, you will be invited to the facility to take a basic knowledge entrance exam. It is possible that you have additional examinations. Tests’ circulate around the position you are applying for. Furthermore, as many careers in Memphis Light, Gas and Water encounter physical needs, prepare yourself for an exercise assessment.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: It is quite common to have a group interview during Memphis Light, Gas and Water’s hiring process. However, depending on the job you are applying for, it is also probable that you will have a personal interview. If Memphis Light, Gas and Water representatives are happy with you, they will contact you for the next step.
  • Post Interview: Typically, the last challenge of recruitment is taking a drug test and receive a physical clearing from your doctor.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water Jobs

With having their hand in water, electricity, and gas, Memphis Light, Gas and Water has an array of positions available to people of many professions. Below are a few common jobs you can find within the company:

Fabricator Welder: Do you love working with your hands? After completing the Fabrication Welding Apprenticeship Program, you can help solder metal devices on the field.

Electronics Technician: While you only need an associates degree; electronic technicians frequently change locations. You can expect to fix traffic lights, climb poles to access high voltage wires, and more.

Service Representative: Even for those that prepare utility refunds and service agreements, it is expected to have an associate’s degree in engineering. Memphis Light, Gas and Water prides itself with providing their customers with people who fully comprehend the electric system. That way, if you find yourself speaking to a customer, you can intelligently explain the problem.

Interview Questions

Whether you are first starting out in your profession or have a long history in the career, interviewing can be daunting. JobTestPrep wants to assist you in your distress and help further your success. Below are a few common interview questions that Memphis Light, Gas and Water have previously asked:

  • Prioritize this list of projects.
  • How do you qualify for this position?
  • Which hand tools are you familiar with?

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