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A Few Words About the Laurentian Bank Hiring Process

After reviewing your CV, which may take several weeks, a phone interview will take place with an HR representative. Next, an in-person interview will follow – at times starting with an HR director including diploma, identification, and credit file verifications. Keep in mind that another initial screening stage Laurentian Bank will request of candidates applying to certain positions is to take an entrance exam. Further interviews with your intended superiors (one-on-one or a panel of several hiring managers) will seal the process, providing you have delivered all the necessary documents.

Preparation For the Laurentian Bank Interview

 The basic interview will most likely start with you being asked to introduce yourself, raising further questions as you go about why you chose them and this position. Afterwards, your interviewers will elaborate on the job responsibilities and your compatibility (plus motivation) for the role– relevant work experience, courses of action you would take, possible challenges you foresee facing, and how you can contribute to Laurentian’s success.
Lastly, you might be asked to state your salary expectations and when can you start.

Preparing for questions regarding your work persona, achievements, and difficult situations you’ve overcome is no less important than technical questions or tests. For this purpose, we have included not only our famous Interview Training Package complete with self-assessment tools, tips, and feedback - but also our Situational Judgement Practice which allows you to contemplate on common dilemmas and tough spots faced and are asked about frequently on interviews and written assessments. Additionally, the Personality Tests added above will clarify specific traits and behaviors.

Preparation For the Laurentian Bank Test

Assessment tests have become a trusted and common method to evaluate various competencies, especially with the job market competition increasing. Laurentian tests take the form of a written essay, or of an orderly aptitude test. The latter will usually not be scored by tallying your correct answers – but by comparing all the candidates’ first, as psychometric tests do.

Our JobTestPrep Laurentian Bank package includes the closest, most relevant tests and study guides for the company’s evaluations:

-The Bank Teller and the Accounting aptitude exams each check your comprehension and appliance of their respective necessary concepts.
-The Excel Test contains excellent exercises for both interactive functions and multiple answer questions.
-The Customer Service assessment examines how you handle realistic and challenging situations, giving feedback at the end of the process.
-The English Language and Verbal Reasoning Skills test written data analysis and usage.
-Logical Reasoning evaluates non-verbal intelligence using figures and patterns
-Mathematical Reasoning will check calculation making from basic to advanced.

Better sooner than later - start practicing with us now and start seeing results!


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