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Who is Kasasa?

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, and known for its great work culture, Kasasa is a leader in branded, community-powered banking products. Kasasa’s workers care that their work supports small banks.

Why Work at Kasasa?

If you work at Kasasa, you will enjoy:

Flexibility Good benefits
Very collaborative environment Many opportunities to contribute and grow in terms of your career

Open Jobs at Kasasa:

Among the open positions in the Austin, TX office, are:

Java Software Engineer Data Engineer I
Marketing Designer II Client Success Manager

What is the Recruitment Process at Kasasa?

The different steps in the hiring process are:

  • Application: Apply online by sending your resume to the relevant position.
  • Telephone Conversation: The recruiter will call you, explain about the role and ask you work-related questions.
  • Interviews: You might have a phone screening with the hiring manager and a panel interview.
  • Exams: You will be asked to take the Wonderlic test. Other exams might be required as well.

Kasasa’s Assessment Tests

The exams given during the hiring process, and their difficulty levels, vary accrding to the position you are interested in.
Wonderlic tests examine your logical and abstract thinking, as well as your maths, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

Read here more about Wonderlic.

  • The Wonderlic Tests: Practicing with JobTestPrep’s Wonderlic-style tests will prepare you for the real exam.

The following assessments could be required as well:

  • SJT: In the Situational Judgement Test you will be given hypothetical and daily work-related issues. These questions assess your cognitive behavioral and abilities.
  • Excel: Examines your knowledge and level in Excel.

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Kasasa’s Interview Questions

For each pf the following questions, prepare ahead: Read your resume thoroughly before your interview, look up relevant information on the internet, and write down full, yet to-the-point answers. Also, it is recommended to practice saying your answers out loud.

  • Please tell me about your background and experience.
  • What do you know about us?
  • Why did you apply for this role?
  • How would you handle challenging sitiations at work? (Specific examples will be given.)

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