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KCP&L’s Hiring Process

KCP&L's application process is relatively straight-forward. Past applicants report that it is a positive experience and yet, they are weighted down by the testing period. Testing is very important to KCP&L employers. The company wish to purify their employee body and achieve this goal by weeding out unworthy candidates through many examinations. Below is a step-by-step overview of the recruitment process:

  • Online Resume Submission: You can upload your resume on the main website or a recruitment agency can refer you.
  • (Pre) Employment Testing: After submitting your resume, you will be invited to take a series of entrance exams at your nearest KCP&L facility. These exams can include math, excel, editing, grammar, verbal, and more.
  • Phone Screening: Don’t be surprised if you are later called-up for a phone interview.  
  • Face-to-Face Interview: Finally, if KCP&L is pleased with you, you will then be called in for an in-person interview. Typically, the experience is relatively laid back and the questions circular on behavioral topics.
  • Email Updates: KCP&L wants to make sure you know where you stand in the application process. Typically, the company sends regular emails to reassure their applicant candidate that they are still interested in them.

KCP&L Interview Questions

When it comes to interviewing, you can never receive too much help. Below is a list of common KCP&L questions you could encounter during your interview experience:

  • Are you good at multitasking?
  • How are you different from other candidates?
  • How will you contribute to our well-established team?
  • Describe how you previously handled a stressful work situation.

KCP&L Careers

If you are still uncertain what job you’d like to have, below are a few common jobs you can find with working for KCP&L:

Data Administrator: In this position, you will collaborate with various divisions throughout the company and help them fix problems. Additionally, you will lead design, implement, and develop various databases.

Control Technician: In this job, you are expected to operate various mechanical devices. Typically, you are required to have at least 5 years of experience, but there have been exceptions to the rule.

Marketing Analytic Manager: Here you are expected to monitor and analyze the online market using platforms such as Google, Eloqua, Twitter, ForSee, and Facebook to name a few. Through your research, you will develop ideas to better promote KCP&L.

KCP&L Subsidiaries
FAR Gas Acquisitions Corporation Great Plains Energy Services Incorporated Gregory Acquisition Corp Home Service Solutions Inc
KLT Gas Inc Strategic Receivables LLC    

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