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What to Expect During the Freddie Mac Hiring Process

Freddie Mac has no doubt a wide range of career paths and jobs to fill including technology, risk, financial and business analysts, software developers, settelemnt specialists and much more. To give you a peep into the hiring process structure, let’s take a look at the Technology Analyst Interview process:

  • Apply Online: The first step is to find your desired position and apply online.
  • Initial Phone Call: Within two weeks of filing your online application, you will get a phone call from a recruiter to review your application and set up a second phone meeting with a department manager.
  • Department Manager Phone Call: You can consider this your official screening phone call. Be prepared to defend your claims on your resume and answer quick and short questions about your skill sets.
  • Freddie Day: You will now be invited to Freddie Day with up to 40 other candidates in participation. This will include breakfast; a panel interview conducted by employees who you may work along with; a tour of the facilities; lastly two sit down interviews each lasting about 30 minutes. The questions will be technical and behavioural in nature.


Actively preparing for Pre-Hire Exams and Interviews

Freddie Mac is looking for the cream of the crop and competition for the position will be tough. Make sure you come prepared.

Start Practicing!

Pre-Hire Tests

Here are some popular questions and answers about your upcoming pre-hire exams.

Personality Tests

How can I Pass the Personality Test? Give yourself the advantage by familiarizing and understanding the type of competencies and personality traits necessary, as they relate to each open position. In order to gain the advantage over other job applicants, its your job to understand exactly what the company is looking for in each position.

Mathematical Tests

What type of Questions are included in the Numerical Test? The test will most likely be in multiple choice format. Look out and brush up on percentages, decimals and fractions, as well as smaller numbers as well. You will be presented with a set of equations, where a missing number will be represented by a question mark (?). You may also face questions regarding facts and figures presented in statistical tables.


How is the test formatted? The scores are based on you choosing a wide range of solutions to often complicated situations. Technically there are no right or wrong answers, however, the tester will be looking for the best possible outcome from among the listed solutions.


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