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Preparing for The Hiring Process at First United Bank

The hiring process at the First United Bank include the following:

  • Creating a profile. Your first step in the process is to create a profile that tells them about you. This information is saved for all future jobs for which you may apply.
  • Applying online: Once you find a job that interests you and you've created a profile, you're ready to complete an application and begin the process. Make sure your CV and your cover letter are updated and checked for grammatical errors.
  • Initial interview and testing.
  • A second interview with a position supervisor.


First United Bank Interview Process

The complexity and the duration of the interviews at First United Bank depend very much on the job you are applying for. You will be asked to participate in two or more of the following interviews:

  • An initial phone interview. A phone interview is usually conducted by a recruiter or an HR manager, for the purpose of deciding who will come for the face-to-face interview. These usually last around 30 minutes, and if successful, will move the candidate to the next stage, which is the in-person interview.
  • Video interviews are sometimes used when there is difficulty to organize a face-to-face interview. A Video interview can be live or pre-recorded. A live video interview is usually conducted via Skype and is similar to an initial face-to-face interview. This type of interview can be as long as one hour. A pre-recorded video interview involves employers sending you a link to an interview platform which contains pre-determined interview questions. Here, you will have a chance to briefly view the question before you record and submit your answer.
  • Several levels of face-to-face interviews. A series of face-to-face (or in-person) interviews with multiple people. These are usually done gradually with an HR representative, your direct supervisor and another person in a managerial position.
  • You may have to participate in case interviews. A case interview is a job interview in which the applicant is presented with a challenging business scenario that he/she must investigate and propose a solution to. The Interviewers will look at the way you approach and solve problems and how you use data to quantify your recommendations.
  • Panel interviews. In a panel interview, candidates are required to show up before a group of interviewers and be interviewed by each of them simultaneously. Each will ask 3-4 questions. The whole process can take 40-60 minutes.
  • A group interview. A case interview can also be conducted as a group exercise. Here several candidates are given some briefing materials on a business problem and asked to discuss and agree on a solution. The interviewers normally sit around the exterior of the room as silent observers. They assess candidates' communication and interaction as well as analytical thinking and commercial awareness. Interviewers "red flag" candidates who try to dominate the conversation; consultants work in teams so it's important to be a team player.


Preparing for First United Bank’s Tests

There are several tests that you may have to pass, some will assess your general skills, while others will assess very specific skills that are required for the job you are applying for. These include:

  • The Caliper assessment which is available online and in pen and paper formats. This is a multiple-choice exam with 180 questions. While most applicants spend between two to three 3 hours taking the Caliper personality test, there is no actual time limit. It is essential that you answer every question, as the Caliper test cannot be scored if there are any blank spaces on the answer sheet.
  • A numerical reasoning test. A numerical reasoning teste generally refers to tests in which more than just basic arithmetic is involved. There are four major topics covered on these tests – word problems, number series, tables and graphs and sufficiency questions.
  • English tests. These are used during the job application process, among other tests, depending on the skills needed and the job itself. These tests assess general language skills and specific fields like Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling and more.
  • A Microsoft Word test. In most cases, you will be asked to take a battery of Microsoft Office and typing assessments.
  • A Microsoft Excel test. A basic level Excel assessment test aims to evaluate your abilities to use this software for everyday office tasks - more common for entry level and administrative roles. It will probably include almost no advanced questions such as functions and macros. Most of the questions deal with basic formatting, standard tables and basic commands such as saving and printing properties (page breaks and print area definition). You will also be required to know how to define a cell reference, filter, and sort data and manage the page layout. However, basic is not necessarily easy. You still have to know the software's fundamentals.
  • A personality test. Personality tests are one of the most interesting selection tests used by employers. As psychometric tests, they evaluate behavior, strengths and weaknesses and work-related skills.
  • A verbal reasoning test. The logic of this test is quite different from the logic that governs most verbal reasoning tests. It greatly relies on critical thinking and pure logic, rather than simple verbal reasoning.


Possible Interview Questions

The list of common interview questions that you may be asked during the interview process is very long, here are some common questions for you to look at:

  • Tell me about one time you went above and beyond when dealing with a customer.
  • Tell me about yourself.


Working next to professionals will allow you to further improve your skills. It could be an amazing opportunity to work for First United Bank. The competition for a job at First United Bank is extremely high, however, and the hiring process is not easy. Make sure you get a job at First United Bank with the help of JobTestPrep. Take advantage of our PrepPacks™ and increase your chances of landing that job. Try us!


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