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Your Upcoming ConocoPhillips Interview?

The style and format of the interview will change in accordance with the needs of the position. Here are some popular questions recently asked during various ConocoPhillips interviews.

Engineering Interview

  • Q: Have you ever set the bar too high and failed?
  • A: It’s important to choose a real failure and stick with a specific element of the story, not just “everything was catastrophic.” Let them know that there was a setback, what the failure was and why it happened, and most importantly what you took away from the incident.
  • Q: Have you ever disagreed with a co-worker or boss on a professional level – how did you fix it?
  • A: The interviewer wants to be confident that you have a strong grip on your profession, and hard and soft skills. Are you a yes man or can you stand up and prove your case?

IT Interview

  • Q: Why do you think ConocoPhillips is the right fit for you?
  • A: This is a two-pronged question, why have you chosen the named profession and why do you think you can grow in our company. Do your research, talk about company values and success and how being part of that success will help your career. Moreover, remind them of everything you are bringing to the table.
  • Q: Have you ever been in charge of a group based project and how did it go?
  • A: Be honest with this one. Even if you have not you can say in what ways you assisted the group leader and brought new fresh ideas to the fruition.

ConocoPhillips Psychometric Test

With so many positions available in the company, here are some test you are likely to be administered.


Only a critical thinker can arrive at the right conclusion to devise creative and innovative solutions to company issues. During this test prove to your future employer that you have what it takes to tackle the complications of the position and the company at large.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

These questions assess your ability to recognize and understand the operation of mechanical instruments such as motors and gears. You will be challenged to your very limit within a tight time frame with difficult questions. Most questions will be multiple choice and must be answered with limited data.


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