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About Alectra

Alectra is an energy and electricity utility and distributor. The headquarters is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Advantages in working at Alectra

As an Alectra employee, you will enjoy:

Good environment and staff Many career opportunities
Flexibility Good benefits

Available positions

Among the open jobs, there are the following, in Mississauga:

CC&B Programmer Specialist Temporary Specialist, Rates & Settlements

The Hiring Process at Alectra

The recruitment process at Alectra depends on the applied job, the team it belongs to, and other factors. The basic steps of this process are:

  • Application: Update your resume, and apply online.
  • Interviews: First, the HR manager will call you for a phone conversation. Then, you might have several rounds with the professional manager and other senior managers.
  • Tests: You might be asked to take some exams.

Aptitude Tests at Alectra

The required assessments vary according to the relevant role, your experience, and other parameters. They are mostly time-limited and composed of multiple-choice questions, and could be:

  • Mathematical Reasoning: Various types of calculation questions that assess your quantitative thinking.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Examines your vocabulary, grammar and other language-related skills.
  • Abstract Reasoning: Evaluates your general intelligence, and your understanding of visual information.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT): Scenarios and conflicts (mostly work-related) with which your problem-solving abilities are measured.
  • Personality: True/ False questions and similar questions that give a perspective of your characteristics and behavior.
  • Excel 2016: Tests your knowledge and level in Microsoft Excel 2016.

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Alectra’s Interview Questions

The following questions might be asked during the interview: 

  • What are you bringing to this role and company?
  • Describe a challenge you had at work, and how you worked it out.
  • Tell me about a project you had to complete.
  • What are your goals in terms of your career?
  • More questions that are relevant to your specific profession. 

To get ready for the questions above, go through your resume, read up about the company and write down accurate answers.

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