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Prepare for American Income Life with JobTestPrep

When you apply for a position at American Income Life you have to prepare more than a great resume. Get fully prepared to pass both pre-hire tests and an often-difficult interview process. JobTestPrep has developed a complete and comprehensive guide designed to help you tackle all aspects of the hiring process. Your success is our success.


Come out on Top during Your American Income Life Assessment Tests with JobTestPrep!

Passing the American Income Life recruitment process will mean participating in and passing several assessment tests and interviews. Our highly specialized PrepPacks™ were designed to give you an edge over the other American Income Life applicants with our many practice tests and interview preparation materials. Sign up today and get the job with American Income Life!


American Income Life Interview Prep

You may have to appear for more than one interview. The second one might consist of a higher-ranking manager, a presentation or assignment you are required to present, more advanced professional questions, or further details which the American Income Life recruiters feel they need to discuss with you or learn about you. In most cases, expect at least a week or two between the stages, although smaller or more intimate workplace environments might take less.

Why Do Companies Include Aptitude Tests into Their Hiring Process?

Employers have long understood that applicants’ real personalities are revealed neither in their résumé nor interview. To analyze their abilities more precisely, they have decided to offer different types of aptitude tests to their prospective employees. There are numerous types of aptitude tests, but all of them measure how well candidates perform specified tasks and react to different situations. Applicants’ scores on the aptitude test are not measured by the number of correctly answered questions. How well they have done on the test is estimated relatively to the scores of other candidates being tested at the same time. It is crucial, therefore, to prepare to the Aptitude Test in advance. Check out our all-inclusive resources and outperform your competitors at your pre-employment assessment.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

The Verbal Reasoning Test is evaluated not according to the number of correct answers that you get on it. Your score on the test is estimated against the scores of other applicants who are also taking it or those who already work in the positions similar to yours. Employers prefer this method of scoring on the Verbal Reasoning Test, because it allows them to choose the top candidate from the pool of applicants. Yet this method can be the bad news for candidates themselves. It is more difficult to withstand the competition, when your results are calculated relatively to the scores received by others. Even an objectively high score may look comparatively low, if all other test results are higher. Your 89% of correct answers will not open you the door to a face-to-face interview, if your peers got 90% of answers right. Do not hurt your chances of qualifying for the desired position by not preparing for your Verbal Reasoning Test. Purchase our exclusive PrepPack™ and outshine other job applicants.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me To Improve My American Income Life Personality Test Score?

American Income Life is looking for very a specific set personality traits and competencies for the vacancy within their company. JobTestPrep’s personality practice tests and study guides are profession-specific which gives you the ability to familiarize yourself with and brush up on the most sought-after attributes for the position you have applied for. If your personality profile happens to line up with that of the position being offered, you will likely receive a job offer in the end.

What Is the Purpose of American Income Life’s Situational Judgement Test?

American Income Life often utilizes situational judgement tests (SJTs) to measure an applicant’s compatibility with not only the company’s culture and standards, but also for the position they have applied for.

When taking this test you will be met with a variety of common workplace scenarios and will either need to identify the most appropriate response for each, or rank the available responses in the order you feel will be most effective. The results of this test will determine whether your behavioral tendencies are a match for American Income Life and can be a major deciding factor regarding your potential of being offered the open position.

What Does the American Income Life’s Hiring Process Involve?

The American Income Life’s Hiring Process has several stages. After you upload your résumé and cover letter on the American Income Life’s website, you will have a phone conversation with a Human Resources manager. If your phone interview goes well, you will need to take tests that the American Income Life requires all applicants to pass as a part of its hiring process. Provided you score high on your examination, you will be asked to come for a face-to-face interview with your prospective managers or the head of the American Income Life. After the interview, if your interviewers decide to hire you, you may need to do a background check. With a background check clean, you may start salary negotiations.


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