Shaker Virtual Job Tryout Assessments

The Virtual Job Tryout Assessment, created by Shaker, uses predictive modeling to assess a candidate's job related performance and behavior. This assessment gives employees, or potential employees, the chance to practice job-related skills and be introduced to job-related situations. The results of the assessment are then passed along to employers, where they are able to measure what type of worker you might be.

Shaker has managed to incorporate their predictive modeling system for a variety of professions (education, manufacturing, banking, health care, etc.) by utilizing tracking technology from iCIMS, PeopleFluent, Oracle/Taleo, ADP/VirtualEdge, PeopleSoft/eRecruit, PayChex/MyStaffingPro, and more.

From the predictive modeling and simulated job-related scenarios, Shaker offers two products: the Virtual Job Tryout Standard and the Virtual Job Tryout Enterprise. The Standard is built more from the user perspective, while the Enterprise is built from the employer perspective.

Shaker Virtual Job Tryout Assessment Content and Info

Virtual Job Tryout Test Content

The Standard Virtual Job Tryout Assessment is an online, interactive, pre-employment test that is composed of eight sections: job preview, similar job-related tasks, test-drive job tasks, on-the-job problem solving, work history questionnaire, simulation scenarios, and work-style questionnaire.

This test is more user and employee friendly; it allows candidates to assess themselves, practice job-related skills and abilities, and determine if they are compatible with the field and/or profession they are interested in.

The Enterprise Virtual Job Tryout is also an online, interactive, pre-employment test that is composed of the eight sections on the Standard Virtual Job Tryout Assessment plus four other features:

  • Visual branding – branded to match the organization
  • Message branding sharing information about the company
  • Workplace tasks workplace situations that an employee can and might encounter
  • Competencies interpreted results of the Standard Virtual Job Tryout Assessment

This test is more "employer-friendly"; it not only gives employers a general idea about your work-style and job-related abilities, but it also gives them an idea of your compatibility with their company, especially when incorporating their own branding, tasks, and competencies.

Virtual Job Tryout Test Information

Regardless of if you're taking the Standard Virtual Job Tryout or the Enterprise Virtual Job Tryout, the types of questions you will encounter are either multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, or short excerpts.

The length of each section can vary as the questions are job-related. Someone in the education field might encounter more text and excerpt related questions, while someone in the banking field might encounter more multiple-choice questions. However, the test usually takes about an hour to complete.

Some of the companies that use either Standard Virtual Job Tryout or Enterprise Virtual Job Tryout include CVS, Key Bank, Starbucks, and MetLife. Although there is clearly a range of professions that use this assessment, the test is similarly formatted throughout.

Tips for the Shaker Virtual Job Tryout Assessment

Pre-employment tests can be stressful, but JobTestPrep is here to prepare you. Listed below are some useful tips that can make the test experience less stressful and more manageable.

  1. Make sure to dedicate time & energy to this test as you will want to do well.
  2. Know that it's okay to make mistakes, and approach the problems and tasks in your own way.
  3. Try to complete the entire assessment at once as it will be easier to answer questions in one sitting versus coming back to it later.
  4. Remember to answer questions honestly and as best you can.
  5. Make sure you take the test in a quiet location with no distractions

Prepare for Shaker Virtual Job Tryout Assessment

As more companies and professions begin to use Shaker's Virtual Job Tryout during the hiring process, it's essential that you begin to get acquainted with this assessment. JobTestPrep will soon create a customized preparation package which will include: Virtual Job Tryout examples, samples, questions and answers, practice tests, and more.

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