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Teaching Assistant Test Subjects

The civil service teacher assistant test, or instructional aide test, for candidates interested in becoming civil service teaching or higher education assistants is administered either as a written, paper and pencil or an automated exam.

Generally, the test is composed of multiple-choice questions, covering subjects such as reading comprehension, analytical, and writing skills. You can find a complete list of the subjects found on your exam by reviewing the job announcement for the teaching assistant vacancy. View our detailed outline below and find your subjects to learn more.

  • Communication Skills: This section tests whether candidates have the effective communication skills necessary to succeed as a teacher’s assistant. The teacher aide test questions present typical education-related situations and require candidates to choose the best response or interaction with the given individuals, agencies, staff, or the public. Teaching assistants must be able to apply teaching techniques in order to, among many other duties, educate and clarify certain issues or topics.
  • Professional Report Writing: Teaching assistant candidates on the civil service assistant teacher exam are measured by their English proficiency of grammar and related topics. Questions may require candidates to identify spelling or punctuation errors, restate incomplete or ambiguous sentences, and reorder sentences so that they are in a logical, comprehensible paragraph. It is important to review the standard use of verbs, pronouns, modifiers, and other grammar techniques.
  • Planning and Evaluation: This section of the teaching assistant exam requires candidates to apply their knowledge of techniques related to program planning and evaluating. Questions may present related terms and concepts, requiring candidates to define such terms, apply them to certain situations, or decide which action or procedure to take first. These questions require basic knowledge of strategies such as establishing standards and analyzing data.
  • Interpreting Tabular Material: The civil service teacher assistant test presents questions containing graphs, charts, or data grids and requires candidates to analyze, understand, and then correctly apply this information to the given question. Tasks may include completing missing spaces in the table, drawing conclusions from certain trends, and using simple mathematical operations including rate, ratio, and proportion. However, this section is not testing arithmetic skills but rather the ability to understand and appropriately apply the correct information.
  • Interpreting Written Material: This section of the teaching assistant skills exam is essentially reading comprehension. Candidates are presented with several reading passages followed by questions requiring candidates to draw logical conclusions and inferences based only on the given material. In some cases, questions may ask to identify the statement that is supported (or not supported) by the reading selection, or may require a certain term or statement to be defined.
  • Applying Written Material: Although a high level of reading comprehension is required for this section of the civil service teacher aide test, here candidates must exert their critical thinking skills in order to apply the given information to the situations presented in the test questions. The situations are hypothetical and generally related to the type of work teaching assistants will encounter on a routine basis. The reading passages are generally complicated or convoluted texts referring to technical subjects and language, demanding precision, patience and focus.
  • Mathematical Skills: Certain instructional aide exams contain a basic mathematical skills section testing candidates’ knowledge of simple arithmetic computations and applications. This section can either present questions on decimals, rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and percentages, or given as a word problem, requiring candidates to analyze the problem and identify the correct computational solution.

Teacher Assistant Application

Applying for the civil service teacher’s assistant test in most states is done online, where candidates can fill out and submit their application through the administering authority’s website. Before applying, be sure to thoroughly read the job announcement to ascertain that you meet all of the job’s minimum qualifications and requirements, residency restrictions, and the application’s deadline date. Once you’ve clicked submit, you’re ready to start practicing for the assistant teacher test.

Prepare for the Teacher Assistant Exam

As a prospective teaching assistant, you surely understand the importance of preparation and practice before taking an exam. Here at JobTestPrep, we will soon be offering our comprehensive civil service teacher assistant preparation package, complete with various practice tests, a teacher aide test study guide, score reports, and detailed explanations to help you understand and improve your score.

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