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What You'll Get

  • Five sales SJT practice tests
  • Comprehensive personality test preparation
  • A specific study guide for each type of test
  • Detailed explanations and solving tips for every question
  • Solving tips & a score report


JobTestPrep's Sears and Kmart Assessment Test PrepPack™

Due to Kmart’s association with Sears and their similar hiring process, our Sears package will also be of assistance to those who need to take the Kmart assessment test.

In order to get an interview at Sears or Kmart, you have to pass the online assessment test. It is important to remember that the online assessment can only be completed once every six months.

JobTestPrep knows how to help prepare you for the Sears pre-hire assessment test. Our tests include walk-through questions, where we help you answer assessment tests, or timed tests simulating the real thing.

Sears Assessment Test Format

The Sears pre-hire assessment test asks anywhere between 20 to 100 questions and should take you approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The online assessment consists of questions regarding your background and work experience, as well as situational judgment questions. Additionally, you may be asked to take a follow-up personality test.

The assessment questions vary depending on the position for which you apply.

Sears Sales Assessment

If you are applying for a cashier or sales position, you will be presented with an audio and visual test that contains situational judgment scenarios. In these scenarios, you are asked questions by virtual customers and are required to respond to the best of your ability and judgment. JobTestPrep’s Sears pre-hire package includes practice questions for the pre-hire assessment test as well as step-by-step questions and explanations to help you understand the material.

Sears Management Assessment

When applying for a managerial position, the test will most likely consist of around 100 questions and will be comprised of four main components:

  1. Personality test - The personality questions assess whether you fit the company profile and if you are compatible with the ideals and principles that drive Sears. A manager represents the company and must therefore agree with Sears' goals.
  2. Situational judgment tests - The management test has a lot of situational judgment questions regarding employee conflicts and how you would deal with the situation. You will also be asked to handle clientele problems and client-employee conflict.
  3. Math test - Understanding how to read graphs is essential for the assessment test. You will be given quarterly profits and asked to correctly assess the information. You must provide answers based on your understanding. There will also be questions about calculating revenue and expenditure.
  4. Organizational skills test - As a manager, you will also be quizzed on organizational skills by creating shift schedules, employee training schedules, and more.


The Ultimate Prep for Your Sears Assessment Tests

Passing your Sears assessment tests and interview all boils down to how you have chosen to prepare. Sign up with JobTestPrep today and gain access to our exclusive practice tests, study guides and more!


Sears Career Opportunities

Sears has a variety of career opportunities available in a vast range of positions. Career opportunities in retail are nearly limitless as they include positions such as sales associate, cashier, repair technician, and loss prevention. There is also a growing field related to online sales and technical assistance at Sears. It is important to note that entry-level positions related to the Sears Holding Company require a pre-hire assessment test in order to advance in the application process.

About Sears Holding Company

Sears Holding Company is one of the 15 largest companies in the United States, with 4,000 locations throughout the U.S. and 226,000 employees. Sears Holding Company was founded in 2005 when Kmart and Sears merged. The Sears Holding Company now operates both Sears and Kmart. Both companies were founded at the end of the 19th century and are both tailored as a one stop shop for everything a consumer needs.

Due to the large amount of applications they receive each month, Sears Holding Company uses (Aon Hewitt’s) pre-hire assessment tests to easily screen applicants before the interview process.

In order to succeed on the Sears assessment tests, allow JobTestPrep to help guide your way to employment.

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