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A job in a consumer corporation can be an exciting step in your career that will provide you with opportunities for growth as well as a competitive salary and benefits package. Since jobs in this industry are so in-demand, companies want to ensure that they are selecting only the top candidates. JobTestPrep can help you get ready for interviews and psychometric assessment tests. 

What Is the Hiring Process in Consumer Goods Companies?

  • Complete an in-person interview: During this interview, you will be asked mainly behavioral questions that focus on your past actions. You should answer questions according to the S.T.A.R. technique:  
  • Record a video interview or complete a short phone interview: This interview is to verify basic information about your work history as well as to discuss what you are looking for in your new position.
  • Take a personality test: The purpose of personality tests is to evaluate your workplace-related behaviors. While many companies claim that there are no right or wrong answers in personality tests, the truth is that employers use them to check if your personality matches the job and the company.
    • Take an aptitude test: Depending on the position, you may have to take a situational judgment test, a numerical reasoning test, or a verbal reasoning test. These tests measure your abilities to make decisions and process numerical and written information, respectively. Passsing an entrance exam is an important step towards getting hired.
  •  Complete an online application. Be sure to update your resume and tailor your cover letter to the position for which you are applying before you submit your application.
    • S: state the situation
    • T: explain your task(s)
    • A: describe the actions you took
    • R: summarize the result
  • Your interview may be one-on-one or it may be a group interview. Depending on the position to which you are applying, you may be asked technical questions. You may also have to participate in team exercises so that the interviewers can see how you act in a group.

 Consumer Corporations Hiring Process

What Tests Will I Have to Take?

 You may have to take different assessments depending on the position for which you are applying. Popular tests include the following pre-employment assessments:

  • Numerical reasoning assessments: These tests evaluate your ability to evaluate and use numerical data in the form of tables, graphs, and equations.
  • Verbal reasoning assessments: These tests assess your ability to comprehend and analyze written information, and extrapolate information from a text.
  • Personality tests: Personality tests gauge your work-related behaviors and personality traits in several categories.
  • Situational Judgment Tests: These tests examine your decision-making and problem-solving abilities. They are usually used for evaluating candidates for sales and management positions.

Jobs at Consumer Goods Companies

 JobTestPrep can help you successfully practice for the hiring process for the following positions:

Jobs at Consumer Goods Companies
Management Trainee Financial Analyst


Human Resources Manager

Customer Service

Executive Assistant



Consumer Goods Companies 

Consumer Goods Firms
Procter & Gamble Colgate-Palmolive Company Miller Coors PepsiCo, Inc. Nestle
Goodyear The Coca-Cola Company Unilever Clorox Costco



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