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What's Included

What Do I Get in the Bundle?

  • Machine Operator: Mechanical Aptitude, Tools, Spatial Reasoning & Aptitude, Basic Math, Interview Preparation, Personality Profiling
  • Manager/Management Trainee: Personality Test Practice, Situational Judgment, Math Word Problems, Abstract Reasoning, Reading Comprehension
  • Financial Analyst: Basic Math, Numerical Reasoning, Reading Tables and Graphs, Interview Preparation, Case Study Practice, Personality Profiling
  • Maintenance: Mechanical Aptitude, Tools, Spatial Reasoning & Aptitude, Basic Math, Interview Preparation, Personality Profiling 
  • Engineering: Logical Reasoning, Math Word Problems, Interview Preparation, Personality Profiling, Numerical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning


Only the top candidates are selected for jobs in the aerospace and defense industry. Make sure that your application lands on the top of the pile by achieving a high score on your aptitude tests and performing well at your interviews. JobTestPrep's Aerospace and Defense Bundle can help you prepare for the hiring process at companies such as Bombardier, Boeing, and Qantis.

What Is the Hiring Process in the Aerospace and Defense Industry?

  1. Apply online: Fill in an online form and upload your CV and a tailored cover letter. 
  2. Complete a personality assessment: The purpose of personality tests is to establish if you have the right character traits and behaviors for the position to which you are applying.
  3. Record a video interview: You will be sent a short list of questions that you must answer in a video recording. Not every company uses video interviews.
  4. Complete a short phone interview: You will be called by an HR representative who will verify the information that you have provided in your online application. You will also be asked about why you are applying for this job and why you want to leave your current position.
  5. Complete an in-person interview: The in-person interview will be compentency-based and you will also be asked technical questions relating to your abilities and knowledge. You should answer questions according to the S.T.A.R. technique:  
    • S: state the situation
    • T: explain your task(s)
    • A: describe the actions you took
    • R: summarize the result

Check out our Aerospace & Defense Bundle for more tips on how to ace your interview.

Hiring Process for Jobs in the Aerospace & Defence Industry

What Tests Will I Have to Take?

The tests that you may have to take depend on the job for which you are applying. You may have to take any of the following assessments:  

  • Personality Tests
  • Situational Judgment Test
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Logical Reasoning Test
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test

Study materials for all of these tests are included in JobTestPrep's Aerospace & Defense Bundle.

Jobs in the Aerospace & Defense Industry

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the hiring process for any of these positions. 

Jobs in the Aerospace & Defense Industry
Machine Operator Manager  Engineering
Financial Analyst


Management Trainee

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