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JobTestPrep’s Applause PrepPacks™

Want to learn everything you can about the Applause aptitude tests and interviews? Start preparing today with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive PrepPacks™ and get the job.

Applause CCAT-Style Test

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a general pre-employment aptitude test that measures your problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking. It consists of 50 questions, has a 15-minute time limit, and is comprised of three question categories—math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning.

Applause Accounting Tests

An accounting test may contain the following sections - Accounting Terms, Accounting Problems, Comparing & Checking, Alphabetizing/Filing, Working with Letters and Numbers, Memorization, Coding, Inductive Reasoning, and Deductive Reasoning.

Applause Microsoft Excel Assessment Test

The Microsoft Excel Test requires job candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of the Excel program, from Excel basics to Advanced Excel Skills. Their mastery of the program is evaluated by a wide variety of tasks. Applicants may be asked to do formatting and to create borders or columns; or they may be required to edit: either to insert or replace, or undo rows. There are also tasks on the Microsoft Excel Test that invite applicants to create different types of charts and graphs or demonstrate how comfortable they feel using tools available in the Excel program. It may take up to 40 minutes to complete the test.


Succeed in All Areas of Your Applause Recruitment Process

If you have the ambition to work for the Applause, you should nail its tests and interviews. JobTestPrep has researched about the Applause’s hiring process and created practice materials covering all subjects you will meet on your examination, from the numerical test to the personality assessment. Our PrepPack™ also includes interview practice and study guides that will facilitate your studying process.


Applause Interview Structure

The most difficult part of the Applause’s hiring process is an in-person interview. While a phone interview is relatively easy, the second interview may be stressful and long. If you score high on Applause’s tests, you will visit its office to converse with several of high managers. Get ready to answer competency-based questions and elaborate on the work positions you mentioned on your resume. If you impress your recruiters, you may be required to pass the background check. After this, you start negotiating for a salary.

Frequently Asked Questions – What You Need to Know

What Is an SJT?

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) are psychological assessments where you are presented with hypothetical, yet realistic, scenarios related to the job in which you are applying. SJTs have become a popular tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organizations to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive abilities of candidates when introduced with daily work-related situations.

What Do I Need to Prepare for the Applause Assessment Tests?

First and foremost, it is essential that you take the time to practice prior to taking your Applause assessments. The wealth of practice materials offered by JobTestPrep will help you strengthen crucial job skills and build up your confidence. We can help you prepare for every step in the Applause recruitment process whether it be aptitude tests or interview preparation.

What Does the Applause Hiring Process Entail?

During the Applause recruitment process, you will be faced with a number of interviews and pre-hire CCAT-style assessments. These CCAT-style assessments will give your interviewers additional insight into your strengths and workplace abilities that do not always come through on a written resume.

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