Cvent's Hiring Process, Assessments, and Interviews Practice

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Cvent Hiring Process

The Cvent hiring process begins with a Hirebridge applicant tracking system (ATS). Hirebridge is used to screen your application/questionnaire, resume, and CV. This applicant tracking system assesses your application/questionnaire answers and documents for keyword-specific phrases. Therefore, to ensure your application successfully moves forward in the hiring process, you must make certain your answers and documents properly align with the job description. Learn more about applicant tracking systems, and how to beat them, with our dedicated ATS page.

Once your application is complete, you will encounter pre-employment assessment tests. Depending on the job position, you may encounter the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, a personality test, and job-specific technical assessments.

Once you pass the assessments, you will encounter several interviews. Cvent utilizes multiple telephone interviews and in-person interviews to ensure it is hiring the most qualified candidates. Be sure to review and practice for these types of interviews with our Interview PrepPack™.

What Is the Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)

Cvent utilizes the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) as one of its pre-employment aptitude tests. The CCAT measures your problem-solving abilities, skill learning capabilities, and critical thinking.

The CCAT consists of 50 questions, has a 15-minute time limit, and is comprised of three question categories—math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. It's important to note that very few people manage to finish the entire test within the time limit.

CCAT scores are determined by a raw score (the number of questions answered correctly). This score can be converted into a percentile in order to indicate the examinee's results compared to other applicants.

Cvent Personality Test

Utilized as part of the hiring process, Cvent’s personality test is a brief assessment that measures your compatibility to the company and the position for which you are applying. Additionally, it assesses your approach to work scenarios and colleagues. It’s important to note that this test may be proctored, in order to ensure that your answers are truly your own and genuine. This being said, be sure to answer every question honestly, but strategically. Highlight your strengths and work-positive characteristics.

Prepare for Cvent

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What Is Cvent?

Cvent, acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2016, provides software solutions for event planning companies, both small and large. Furthermore, Cvent provides hoteliers with an integrated platform. The software and platforms allow customers to increase business demand through targeted advertising, which improves conversion. Headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and founded in 1999, Cvent employs over 2,500 people worldwide. Additionally, it caters to over 28,000 customers in more than100 countries. It has offices in England, Australia, India, Singapore, and all across the United States.

Benefits of Working at Cvent

Those who successfully make it through the Cvent recruitment process and land a job with the company can expect competitive salaries, mentor programs, paid holidays and sick leave, life insurance and long-term disability coverage, healthcare benefits, 401(k) plans, charity matching and volunteer days, pet insurance, flexible spending accounts, free parking and transportation, and more.

Cvent Partners

Some of the companies and organizations that have partnered with Cvent are Paypal, CashNet, Capital One, Microsoft, Marketo, MPI, and ACTE.

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