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What to Expect on the TIBCO Assessment Test?

TIBCO is one of Vista Equity Partners' subsidiaries. Since all Vista's companies use the Vista CCAT (Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test) as an initial screening stage, TIBCO uses it as well.

The TIBCO test includes 50 questions to be completed in 15 minutes (making it 18 seconds per question). The questions are divided into four main topics:

  • Numerical Reasoning: Word Problems, Number / Letter Series, Table & Graphs
  • Verbal: Antonyms, Word Analogies, Sentence Completion
  • Spatial Reasoning: Next in Series, Odd one Out, Matrices
  • Logic: Syllogisms, Seating Arrangements, Error Checking

Every position in TIBCO requires a different CCAT score. To see an explanation of the scoring method and score ranges for common positions in various industries, visit the CCAT scores page.

You can learn more about the CCAT in this short video:

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Additionally, visit our complete preparation guide to the CCAT test page to see an overview of the test, get practice tips, and access the full CCAT online prep course with dozens of practice tests.

TIBCO CCAT Test Sample Questions

Here are a few CCAT sample questions that highly resemble the questions you'll see on the TIBCO aptitude test.

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

53 is 25% of what number?

 A. 13.25

 B. 92.75

 C. 159

 D. 141.5

 E. 212


100% = 100*53/25 = 4*53 = 4*50 + 4*3 = 200 + 12 = 212

You can also find the answer by using a basic multiplication table method. If 53 is 25%, that means that the whole number is 4 times 53. If we split the 53*4 to 50*4 + 3*4, we know that the number we are looking for has to end with 2 (3*4=12). The only option that ends with 2 is 212.

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

ABHOR is to DENOUNCE as ...





 E. DESK is to CHAIR


To ABHOR means to regard something with disgust, and to DENOUNCE is to declare something to be wrong.

(WORD 2) is an action one may take when he has a feeling of (WORD 1). 

A person DENOUNCES something that he ABHORS; similarly, a person APOLOGIZES for something he REGRETS. Notice that these two pairs are particularly similar, as both of the actions (APOLOGIZING and DENOUNCING) are carried out through communication.

Incorrect Answers:

B- There is no strong relationship between the words PERTURB and AGGREGATE.

C - When one is REDEEMED, their EXILE is brought to an end. WORD 1 describes the action to amend WORD 2.

D – A TATTOO is PERMANENT. WORD 1 describes WORD 2.

E – One sits in a CHAIR at a DESK. WORDS 1 and 2 are two items that complement one another.

Logic Sample Question

Assume the first two statements are true.

All athletes are hard workers.

Alice is not an athlete.

Alice is not a hard worker.

Is the final statement: A) True, B) False, or C) Uncertain based on the information provided?


You can deduce from the first statement that all athletes are hard workers, but you do not have any information about non-athletes.

Therefore, you cannot conclude anything regarding Alice, which is not an athlete, according to the second statement.

The final statement is uncertain.

To try additional sample questions, watch the video below and visit our free CCAT practice test page.

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Video preview image

TIBCO Hiring Process Overview

The TIBCO hiring process begins with Hirebridge's applicant tracking system (ATS) screening your application, resume CV, and cover letter. This applicant tracking system screens your documents for keyword-specific phrases, so be sure your documents properly align with the job description.

Once your application is complete, depending on the job position, you will encounter pre-employment assessment tests measuring your cognitive ability and personality traits. Most chances you will receive an online CCAT test and personality test (EPP).

If you apply for an IT position you may receive a written exam (or online in several cases) such as EMS - TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, SOA -TIBCO Service Oriented Architecture, CIM - TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager Skill Test, TIBCO Hawk Online Skill Assessment Test, TIBCO Rendezvous Online Assessment Test.

Once you pass TIBCO's online assessments, you will more than likely be called for a quick telephone interview, and, if all goes well, asked to attend an in-person interview.

TIBCO Interview Questions

Previous candidates for TIBCO sales positions or TIBCO IT Developer positions have been asked the following questions in their interview process:

Why would you like to work here?
✻ Please describe the current project you are working on.
✻ Please describe your biggest challenge in work and how you cope with it. 
✻ Why would you like to sell technological products? 

Try to answer these frequently asked questions using TIBCO's values in mind. These values are: Together, Innovative, Bold, Customer-focused, and Optimistic. You can read more about them on TIBCO's career page.
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