While the specifics of the selection procedure vary to some degree depending on job classification and company location, there is a general hiring format that you can expect to encounter the following.

Online or Onsite Teleperformance Application Form

On the application you will be asked mostly general questions regarding prior experience, education, and availability. Try to mention any fact that could improve your chances.

Preliminary Telephone Contact

If your application information matches the requirements of the job, you will receive a phone call from a Teleperformance recruiter within three business days after submitting your application. Take this initial phone interview seriously as it is a definitive screening phase in the HR system. Approximately six questions are asked, basically concerning your availability and reasons for seeking employment at Teleperformance.

Teleperformance Assessment Test

This is an online written test that you can prepare for.  It consists of a cognitive test and a typing test. The cognitive test takes approximately two hours and assesses your language skills through multiple-choice spelling, grammar and literacy questions. You will also encounter general knowledge questions about computers and a typing test with a 25 words-per-minute minimum. The cognitive test is given in the specific language used on the job. If you apply for the technical helpdesk representative position, you will take a basic technical knowledge test. Pass your exam, and you will be invited to attend a second interview.

Sample Question:

Choose the missing number from the following series 2,6,12,?,30

  1. 18
  2. 20
  3. 22
  4. 24

Final Interview

The second interview is known as the “click” interview. Your interviewer will be your future supervisor, who determines whether the two of you “click” personality-wise. During the final interview, you will visit the work floor where calls are handled, and you will listen to various telephone conversations. If you are the right person for the job and the job is right for you, then you will be asked for permission to perform a reference check on your background.

This entire process takes approximately three hours and is normally completed within a day or two. Upon successful completion of all four hiring phases, you can expect to be welcomed into the company.

How to Prepare for the Test

The tools needed to fully prepare for the Teleperformance exam include practice tests with question & answer explanations, study guides and exam strategies. JobTestPrep provides all of these study techniques with a focus on optimizing your exam experience. The more you work with JobTestPrep practice tests, the more familiar you will become with the types of questions and exam format. Learning what to expect before you are faced with the test is what exam preparation is all about.

Jobs and Careers at Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a major global employer that houses at least 182,000 employees. The various specialized fields at Teleperformance include customer service, technical support, call center, debt collection and social media. The company appears to be constantly hiring new associates. Applicants find the selection process to be streamlined and easy.

Most of the company positions entail a low-level skillset, reflected in the testing and interview phases of the Teleperformance hiring process. Candidates generally report a straightforward approach throughout the application procedure.

What's Included

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