Ace The Teleperformance Assessment Test - Practice Guide (2024)

What Is the Teleperformance Assessment?

The Teleperformance Assessment is a pivotal stage in the recruitment process, serving as a first step in a comprehensive online evaluation to measure a candidate's cognitive abilities, job-specific competencies, and relevant personality traits. Recruiters leverage this evaluation to gain profound insights into candidates' skills, unique talents, and expectations.

Moreover, while navigating through Teleperformance's meticulously structured test, you'll be evaluated on a broad spectrum of essential skills crucial for successful day-to-day work at Teleperformance. From language proficiency, situational judgment tests, and analytical abilities to typing proficiency.

You can expect the examination to unfold through distinct features:

  • System's Diagnostic: including a brief technical check to ensure all necessary components in your browser and your site connection function correctly.
  • SVAR Speech and Voice Language Skills Evaluation: assessing your oral communication skills and ability to comprehend the chosen language for the role through audio and video simulations.
  • Typing Simulation Test: including practice and a timed test to evaluate fast and accurate typing abilities.
  • Personality Test: evaluating your personality and character to guarantee you fit within the role and the company's culture. 
  • AMCAT Basic Analytical Ability: multiple-choice queries to assess numerical abilities, attention to detail, information analysis, and logical reasoning.
  • Sales Competency Test: incorporating queries to evaluate sales-related competencies, with specific details tailored to this section of the test embedded within.

It is essential to notice that assessments may vary depending on the applied role. Given Teleperformance's emphasis on "human interactions," strong language proficiency and exceptional soft skills are vital for all potential candidates, irrespective of project intricacies.

For instance, if you are pursuing a Teleperformance customer service position, possessing the necessary language skills is crucial. However, being a suitable candidate always requires clear and effective communication across both verbal and electronic channels, as Teleperformance highly values these skills.


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Teleperformance Sample Questions

Personality Test Sample Question

Take a look at the following statements and rate each of your responses below by using the following rating scale to make your selection:


1 - Strongly Disagree






7 - Strongly Agree




A) My friends call me when they are in need.

B) I enjoy watching adventurous shows online.

C) I thrive when doing multiple things at a time.

D) While in meetings, I do most of the talking.

E) I possess a vast vocabulary.


Answer and Explanation:

Correct Answer: Any suggested answers can only serve as guidelines and should be personalized based on the position's specific requirements. Tailor your responses to showcase the qualities most relevant to the role and your unique strengths.


  • For Statement A, rating it as 'Strongly Agree' indicates a strong inclination towards being dependable and supportive, personality traits highly valued in many positions.
  • In Statement B, a rating of 5 demonstrates enjoyment of adventurous shows without being overly enthusiastic, reflecting personal interests without overshadowing other responsibilities.
  • For Statement C, a rating of 4 suggests competency in multitasking but acknowledges a preference for focus when necessary, striking a balance between adaptability and efficiency.
  • In Statement D, a rating of 3 reflects active participation while recognizing the importance of listening and collaboration.
  • In Statement E, a 'Strongly Agree' rating highlights confidence in possessing a vast vocabulary, a valuable asset for effective communication in professional settings.

 💡Tip: Begin by identifying the pivotal qualities crucial for your position – the characteristics your employer values in an ideal candidate. Once you grasp these essential traits, your ratings can strategically showcase your alignment with the expectations for success in your specific role.

AMCAT Analytical Ability Sample 



Explore the analogy and find the perfect match:

Judge: Courtroom

A) Doctor: Hospital

B) Lawyer: Law

C) Teacher: Textbook

D) Farmer: Market

Note: Analogies like these exercise your mind and enhance your critical thinking skills. Sharpen your mental acuity as you navigate through intriguing word pairs and uncover hidden connections.

Answer and Explanation:

Correct Answer: A) Doctor: Hospital

Explanation: A judge works in a courtroom, just as a doctor works in a hospital. The relationship is that of a professional to their primary place of work.

 💡Tip: When tackling analogy queries, identify professions or roles tied to particular environments or settings. In this instance, read carefully and consider how a judge is inherently associated with a courtroom. Apply this logical approach to discern the option that exhibits a comparable relationship between profession and environment. 


Odd One Out

Identify the word that does not belong in this list:

A) Abundance

B) Depletion

C) Luminosity

D) Paucity

E) Scarcity

Note: Pay close attention to the meanings of each word and their associations to determine the outlier.

Answer and Explanation:

Correct Answer: C) Luminosity.

Explanation: The correct word that does not belong in the list is "Luminosity." The other words are related to the theme of insufficiency or shortage. "Luminosity" stands out as it refers to brightness or radiance, deviating from the common theme in the list.

 💡Tip: Instead of focusing solely on the meaning of the words, pay attention to subtle nuances, associations, or context that might reveal the odd one out. Sometimes, it's not just about literal meanings but about underlying connections or themes.

Sales Competency (SJT) Sample Question

Rank the following statements from 'Best' to 'Worst' regarding the following situation: 

You've been guiding a customer through various aspects of a fitness tracker for the last 20 minutes, emphasizing its unique features and capabilities. The customer has displayed keen interest and seems ready to make a purchase. However, just as you're about to finalize the transaction, they express uncertainty about one of the tracker's key functionalities, signaling a potential change of mind. How would you address the customer's concerns in this situation?


A) Ask the customer if there are specific aspects or doubts causing hesitation about that particular fitness tracker feature. Propose demonstrating its functionality again, focusing on clarifying those specific points.

B) Clarify the intricacies of that feature using straightforward, easy-to-understand language to enhance the customer's comprehension.

C) Reassure the customer that the fitness tracker is great, and that users will become accustomed to it with regular use.

D) Inform the customer that post-purchase, you can arrange to provide a detailed demonstration to help them better understand the fitness tracker's features, capabilities and purpose.

Answer and Explanation:

Correct Answer: A, B, D, C


Option A: This option directly addresses the customer's concerns, offering to demonstrate the feature again. It shows responsiveness and a commitment to clarifying any uncertainties.

Option B: Clarifying the intricacies of the feature using straightforward language is positive, but it may not be as immediately engaging or personalized as a demonstration.

Option D: Offering a post-purchase demonstration is helpful, but addressing the concern at the moment may be more effective in ensuring the customer's immediate satisfaction.

Option C: Worst: Simply reassuring the customer without directly addressing their specific concern may not effectively alleviate their uncertainty. It lacks specificity and may not instill confidence in the customer's decision.


 💡Tip: When ranking statements in SJT scenarios, look for responses demonstrating attentiveness, responsiveness, and a commitment to solving the customer's concerns from their point of view.

Teleperformance's Hiring Process in a Nutshell

Despite being headquartered in Paris, France, Teleperformance extends its influence through an extensive network of contact centers worldwide, providing numerous 'remote work' roles, thus making the competition for open positions more challenging due to the high number of applicants for each advertised role. 

The employees recruitment process at Teleperformance is a competitive multi-step journey designed to recognize and identify the most talented candidates. We have curated an overview of the main stages of the selection process:


1. Online Application: as a first step, you can connect with a recruitment assistant on the career's website, learn about Teleperformance, and apply for positions. You can then update and track your application progress via their career page website.

2. Assessment Tests: you can expect to face both a cognitive test evaluating your language and computer skills, alongside, most of the time, a typing test requiring a minimum of 25 words per minute or a personality test. More technical roles, however, may have additional knowledge tests.

3. Interviews: The internal recruitment team reviews your application, conducts a phone or video interview, and, if they consider it a good match, you can then expect a following interview with the hiring manager. Prepare yourself for scenario-based and common interview questions such as the following.

  • What do you know about the company?
  • Why do you want to work here and not somewhere else?
  • Describe a challenging interaction with a challenging customer.
4. Offer + Onboarding: If you successfully progress through the earlier review stages, you receive an offer letter detailing the role, benefits, and salary. Once you accept the offer, you must comply with background checks, complete pre-employment forms, and, at times, even undergo a drug test with help from the internal recruitment team.

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