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How to Pass AT&T Pre-Employment Test

A thorough preparation is the key to optimizing your test results. Through practicing with the study material provided by JobTestPrep you will gain a better understanding of the goal of each type of the test, familiarize yourself with the different topics and become more comfortable with the testing process. Professional exam preparation can increase your potential for a successful test result. That is exactly the aim of JobTestPrep.

What AT&T Tests Are All about

Many companies, large and small, are using aptitude tests in search of the applicant that best fits an available position. Scientific studies have continually proven a positive correlation between assessment exam results and job performance.

The view at AT&T is that successful employees establish a successful company. To find the employee with the greatest potential to succeed in the field of customer service, AT&T has developed a whopping 62 assessment profile tests in the call center realm alone.

The hiring process at AT&T is standardized. You will receive either an email or a general telephone interview to get your application in motion. This stage in the process consists of information regarding your testing schedule. The first test that you will encounter when applying for a customer service/call center position is the Call Center Audition.


The Ultimate Online Prep for the AT&T Assessment Tests

Studying for your upcoming pre-employment assessment is essential, since only the strongest candidates who receive the best scores on their pre-employment assessment are invited for an important face-to-face interview, where they can convince employers that they have required skills to perform their role well. Do not hurt your chances of becoming shortlisted for the interview. Prepare with JobTestPrep’s top-notched resources and rise above your competitors.


Call Center Audition (CC Audition)

This test is utilized as a predictor of job behaviors. The CC Audition is a timed test and involves computerized on-the-job scenarios. This exam measures your computer proficiency as well as customer service aptitude. You study the given situations and act the part of a call center representative by selecting the options that reflect your reactions to the given scenario.

The three areas highlighted in the Audition comprise:

  • Call patterns such as greetings, call closings, accessing and verifying accounts, and clarifying and resolving customer questions and concern
  • Navigating and entering information involving the use of various information screens including orders, accounts, service requests, and invoices
  • General systems information such as responding to the concerns of customers

Keep in mind that it is essential to pay close attention to the instructions.  Attention to details and the ability to follow instructions are essential in all AT&T pre-employment tests and interviews.

Correct preparation is key -  at JobTestPrep you can familiarize yourself with the format and content of the test by completing practice tests, reviewing reality-based scenarios and obtaining helpful testing tips. Click here to start practicing today.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Specific skills and abilities are associated with high-quality Customer Service employees. These skills and personality traits are assessed through the CSR.

The test is comprised of a group of questions that highlight your ability to communicate effectively and satisfy customer needs. You can expect the CSR test to take between eighty to ninety minutes. It test includes 175 multiple choice questions covering four sections:

  • Problem Solving – involving basic math and customer related scenarios
  • Background
  • Opinions and Attitudes
  • Job Simulation - timed and computer-based

Preparation for this exam is strongly recommended by AT&T. JobTestPrep offers a preparation package offering not only the opportunity to practice this format, but also provides an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles that drive the Customer Service Representative exam.

Customer Service Assessment (CSA)

Core/Service is one of three CSA modules, the remaining two being Sales and Collections. The job description of the position you have applied for will determine the module that you will encounter.

The CSA highlights your attitude toward serving customers. Further assessed is your aptitude for efficiently and pleasantly handling the many different types of questions and concerns that will arise on a daily basis.

You can expect to spend approximately one hour taking the CSA. It is formatted as an interview consisting of three types of inquiries:

  • How you dealt with and solved previous problematic employment situations
  • Playing the role of a Customer Service Representative in a given situation, while the interviewer plays the part of the customer
  • How you would react to specific scenarios

AT&T Interview Process

AT&T Interviews will at times be conducted by a single interviewer or panel, depending on the position and seniority of the position you have applied for. Prepping for these interviews, including the sit down with HR, requires a great deal of thought and negotiating skills. Remember, you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Come to the interview fully prepared to answer a wide range of questions and prove that you have what it takes to excel in the position and grow with the company.

Test Tips

  • Arrive for the exam no less than 15 minutes early
  • Bring a jacket or sweater to accommodate the temperature within the testing location
  • During your test preparation process, make sure to review all of the relevant previous employment situations that show your strengths
  • Listen intently to every question
  • Carefully consider each answer before recording your response
  • Ensure that your answers are direct and pertinent to the questions
  • Understand the format - ask for clarification, if needed, before you begin
  • Project a positive attitude and self-motivation

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