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When you start the hiring process at Verizon Wireless you can expect the process to take between two weeks and up to two months. After receiving your application and resume, the company will send you back by email three items:


  • A phone interview schedule
  • Company video
  • The Verizon Wireless credo

It is imperative that:

  1. Your application contains only accurate information
  2. You read and understand the credo of VZW
  3. You carefully view the entire video
  4. At all company contact points, you speak with complete confidence
  5. You thoroughly learn the STAR format
  6. Your answers and statements throughout the application process be completely honest

First Phone Interview

The initial interview will take approximately 20 minutes. It will cover the following:

  • A discussion about your resume
  • Questions about the company credo
  • Questions regarding the video asking for your opinion on the behavior of the representative presented in the video and whether you would have acted differently
  • Your reasons for choosing to apply for a position at Verizon Wireless
  • The job description
  • Information on the Skills Assessment test as the next phase in the hiring process.

Verizon Wireless Customer Service Assessment Test

This exam takes place at the job location. It consists of seven timed sections with a total allotted time of one hour and 45 minutes. Reading comprehension plays a crucial role on this test. You will encounter questions involving the skills and abilities customer service representatives should possess. These skills include proper ethics, reasoning, empathy, multi-tasking, listening, and more.

Efficient preparation is crucial. JobTestPrep offers a high-quality preparation package to help you prepare for your Verizon customer service assessment test. Featuring a practice test, study tips, and answer explanations, our pack is sure to make you feel prepared and positive on test day. There's no better way to optimize your exam results.

Second Phone Interview

This interview usually takes approximately 15 minutes. It is composed of four questions concerning real employment scenarios. You might be asked to answer questions in the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format.

Final In-Person Interview

Expect to see at least one supervisor among the interviewers. The discussion and questions will revolve around topics such as your customer service experience, specific job experiences in which you handed difficult customers, prior employment situations where you dealt with a difficult task within a time-constraint, STAR answers, situational judgment phone calls and your analysis of the phone call responses of company representatives.

Background Check and Drug Test

The final stage of the pre-employment process is a background check and a drug test.

The Benefits of a Proper Assessment Preparation

Verizon Wireless is widely considered to be an excellent employer. A passing score on the VZW Assessment is imperative to reaching the next stage of Verizon's hiring process. A test result that does not meet the passing threshold will end your application. Research has shown that thorough preparation improves results on pre-employment assessment and aptitude tests. That is our entire focus at JobTestPrep. Prepare with JobTestPrep, and be sure to get to the top of the candidates list.


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