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You are confident you have the skills and the smarts to get the sales position you are eyeing. Don't get intimidated by the sales personality test you need to take. We give you all the information you need to pass the test and increase your confidence in your ability to pass it.
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What Is The Test’s Format?

Most personality test have similar formats: A combination of true/false questions, scaled questions, multiple choice, and ipsatives.

Strategies To Excel On The Test

The #1 Tip: Think only like a sales employee!
One potentially difficult aspect of the personality test is that you can answer the questions in a variety of ways, based on how you think of them. Since everyone assumes various different roles in their lives, it is very possible to answer the same question in different ways, based on how you think you would react in the various roles you assume in your life. However, it is important to only think like a sales employee on the sales personality test. In this way, your answers will be optimized for best performance on the test. 

The #2 Tip: Don't worry if it's timed! 
Some of the tests are timed, while others are not, but even if you get nervous when taking timed tests, there is no need to worry. The tests are structured to give you more than enough time to finish. The goal of the timed aspect is to prevent test takers from gaming the test. 

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Desirable Personality Traits

There are a variety of characteristics that are indicators of future success in the sales field. The sales personality assessment focuses on the traits below in determining a candidate’s potential future success in a sales role. 

  • Competitiveness-the need to outperform others
  • Energy-high level of action, not tiring easily
  • Self-Reliance-able to be independent and self-sufficient
  • Decisiveness-ability to be resolute and determined
  • Persistence-stubborn, pursuing the desired answer repeatedly
  • Accommodating-the quality of making others feel comfortable
  • Independence-ability to make decisions on one’s own, without others' interference
  • Sales Drive-inner desire to persuade a buyer into making a purchase
  • Assertiveness-self-assured and confident
  • Sociability- ability to be outgoing and friendly

Interpreting the Score Report:

On the salesperson personality test, most traits are measured by scales. Each scale has a predetermined ‘ideal’ range based on the characteristics that are predicted to lead to success in the job role. The ideal range is often marked in green, the neutral range in yellow, and the non-ideal range in red. Below is a sample of salesperson characteristics, their definition as they relate to the salesperson’s persona, and how they are depicted in scales. Unlock the full list of characteristics, definitions, and scales in the complete personality test prep pack.

Sales Personality Test Scales

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