AT&T Technical Mechanical Test Preparation Online

AT&T Inc. is a multinational telecommunications company based in Dallas Texas. It is the parent company of AT&T Corporation, AT&T Mobility, BellSouth, Southwestern Bell, AT&T Teleholdings, and Cricket Wireless. Well over 200,000 people are employed by AT&T and its subsidiaries.

AT&T Careers That Require a Technician Test

AT&T technicians allow customers to connect their devices, such as their televisions and computers, to high-speed internet and cable. The AT&T technician positions include:

  • Wire technician
  • Premises technician
  • Installation technician
  • AT&T facility technician
  • Cable splicing technician
  • Telecommunications specialist (engineering)

AT&T Technician Test

Many of the technician positions require pre-employment technician testing during the hiring process. The goal of the AT&T technician test is for AT&T to ensure that the candidate is well qualified for the position. There are two main technician tests at AT&T:

Other assessments may be required as well. For more information, see the company’s website. If you need to take the CAST test, check that out here.

AT&T Mechanical Aptitude Test

The AT&T mechanical aptitude test is part of the AT&T technician test. JobTestPrep’s mechanical aptitude test pack can be used to prepare for this section of the test.

Test Content & Format

Both the TMT II and the TMTF II have the same written section that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 50 minutes and is graded as either a pass or fail grade. The technical mechanical tests cover a variety of topics among which you can find logical, mechanical, spatial relations, and conversion problems, as well as simple math and basic geometry. The tests also address general reading comprehension and troubleshooting abilities demanded of all AT&T technician candidates. Furthermore, the exam requires that you memorize the 25 color code, which will be invaluable and necessary for any kind of technician job you might obtain. The AT&T technical mechanical test field II includes an additional physical test.

Preparing Online for the AT&T TMT II & TMTF II Tests

It’s important to properly prepare for the AT&T technician test in order to succeed, and JobTestPrep can get you there! With the help of our online PrepPack™ you are guaranteed to do well on your exam. The AT&T test prep includes three full length TMTF II practice tests complete with test-style questions, answers, tips, and detailed explanations, as well as both the technical-mechanical study guide for the 25 pair color code, and the conversion between binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal numbers study guide. Our Prep Kit will provide you with the practice and confidence you need.

Additional Online Preparation for the AT&T Mechanical Aptitude Test

In order to further prepare you for the mechanical aptitude test portion of the AT&T technician test, JobTestPrep can provide you with the general mechanical aptitude test practice pack, which includes practice tests complete with answers and in-depth explanations. These practice tests can be taken in real-time simulation mode (to reflect similar test conditions) or step-by-step mode.

What is covered by the TMT/TMTF II Practice Tests?

  • Logic Problems
  • Mechanical and Electricity Questions 
  • Spatial Relations Problems
  • Numbers Conversion Questions 
  • Simple Math and Basic Geometry 
  • General Reading Comprehension 
  • Troubleshooting Abilities 
  • Memory Questions Pertaining to the 25 Pair Color Code

Other Technical Tests

Nearly any technical position with a major employer requires some sort of testing. Examples are the Amazon Tech 2 and Tech 3 Tests, the Walmart Maintenance Technician Test, and the more general Ramsay Maintenance and Ramsay Electrical tests.

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