American Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process
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American Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process

The American Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process includes 4 steps:

Online Application

To apply for a flight attendant position at American Airlines, you must first complete an online application form via the company's website or LinkedIn page. Including supporting documents, such as a cover letter and CV, with your application can enhance your chances of standing out.

Assessment Test

The American Airlines flight attendant assessment test, which is also required for those who apply for American Airlines cabin crew positions, is a combination of aptitude test and personality questionnaire designed to determine whether you have the abilities and characteristics required for working at American Airlines.

Virtual Group Interview

For its initial formal interview, American Airlines often conducts group interviews with six or more candidates. This stage includes a group task or activity to assess your working style, communication skills, and ability to collaborate effectively.

In-person Interview

During this individual interview, a panel will ask traditional HR questions to get to know you better. You will be asked about your work history and may need to clarify details from your CV. This stage also allows you to ask the interviewers any questions and determine if you

What is the American Airlines Flight Attendant Assessment Test?

The American Airlines flight attendant and cabin crew assessment is designed to ensure that you have the cognitive abilities and personality traits required for the job.

Provided by Aon (cut-e), the test includes two sections – numerical reasoning and work-related behavior.

Work-Related Behavior and Traits Assessment

The American Airlines work-related behavior assessment, also known as adept-15, is a questionnaire that evaluates your traits, behavioral patterns, and professional styles to ensure that your work style preferences fit American Airlines requirements.

You will be presented with pairs of statements and a scale ranging from "strongly agree" to "slightly agree."

You will need to choose the statement you relate to more and indicate your level of agreement.

The assessment consists of 150 questions organized into sets of 5. There is no time limit for the test, which typically takes 25-30 minutes to complete.

Let’s take a look –

Which statement do you agree with more?

Most of the time, I tend to hold a positive perspective

I enjoy collaborating with others towards a shared goal

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree


Tip: There are no incorrect answers. Your responses are valuable as long as they are genuine and reflect your true self. This assessment evaluates your tendencies and preferences for a specific work style, acknowledging that each trait has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Numerical Reasoning Assessment

The American Airlines numerical reasoning assessment, also known as cut-e scales, evaluates your ability to comprehend and analyze numerical information.

You will be presented with graphs and tables, and you will need to decide if a statement is true, false, or undeterminable by finding the relevant information in the appropriate tab.

You will have 12 minutes to answer 36 questions.

Let’s have a look –

cut-e numerical reasoning test sample question
Hard Drives
cut-e numerical chart
Employees & Income
cut-e numerical chart
cut-e numerical chart
Market Overview
cut-e numerical chart
cut-e numerical cahrt

Assess the following statement: Laptops and tablets constitute approximately 20% of the products sold by Arclight.

Cannot Say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Finding the relevant tab for this question may be more difficult than usual. The subject of the statement is laptops and tablets. More specifically, it refers to their relative part out of the total products sold by Arclight. Since this is still very little information to go on, our only choice is to scan through the tabs one by one.

Two tabs contain sales data ("Hard drives" and "Sales"). However, since they neither contain the total number of company products sold, nor refer to laptops and tablets specifically, these are definitely not the correct tabs. "Proceeds" is the only tab which contains information regarding laptops and tablets, and is therefore the correct tab. Nevertheless, it estimates the relative contribution of different products to the company's proceeds, not the number of products sold. Therefore, we do not have the information required to determine whether this statement is true or false.

Note: Tablets and laptops are estimated to contribute 9%+11% = 20% of the proceeds. Had we missed the fact that the statement is not about the proceeds, we might have mistakenly answered True. Always make sure you read the statement carefully and know exactly what you are looking for.


Tip: If you submit an answer in the wrong tab, you will lose points, even if your answer is correct.

Ace your American Airlines Flight Attendant Assessment Test!

Ensure you arrive fully prepared to distinguish yourself from your competitors and be one of the 1% accepted to the American Airlines training course!

Practice all the different sections of the test to optimize your score:

  • Full work-related behavior simulation & study guide teaching you how to make your personality shine
  • Numerical reasoning simulation & extra practices to sharpen your skills and mathematical abilities
  • Detailed answers & explanations that show you how to approach each type of question
  • Scoring reports to help you monitor your performance, pinpoint your strengths, and identify areas where you should concentrate your efforts


American Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

  • The minimum age requirement is 19 years old.
  • The height requirement is between 5'2" and 6'0".
  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED).
  • Candidates should have either a college education or at least 2 years of customer service experience.
  • Must have authorization to work in the U.S.
  • Must possess a valid U.S. or Foreign Passport with necessary VISAs.
  • Valid travel documents must be maintained throughout training and employment.
  • Proficiency in English is mandatory.



How hard is it to become a flight attendant at American Airlines?

Becoming a flight attendant at American Airlines is highly competitive, with less than 1% of applicants accepted into their training program. The rigorous American Airlines flight attendant hiring process includes a numerical reasoning test, a work-related behavior questionnaire, and multiple interview stages.

What is the American Airlines assessment?

The American Airlines Assessment Test, provided by Aon/cut-e, is a crucial step in the hiring process and is designed to evaluate skills essential for the role. The American Airlines assessment differs between roles, and the test you will take depends on the position you applied for. As such, the pilot’s test assesses cognitive abilities, such as logical reasoning, sense of direction, monitoring skills, and spatial memory, while the cabin crew and flight attendants test assesses numerical reasoning and work-related behavior and personality traits.

What is the acceptance rate for American Airlines flight attendants?

The acceptance rate for American Airlines flight attendants is less than 1%, making securing a position in their training course highly competitive. To increase your chances of being among the selected few, you must excel in every stage of the hiring process, starting with the American Airlines flight attendant assessment test.

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