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A leading US airline, United Airlines is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has over 85,000 employees. With over 340 flight destinations, there's bound to be limitless career opportunities, both in the US and abroad. Some job positions with United Airlines include customer service representatives, aircraft maintenance crew members, architects, managers, IT, security, technicians, and more. Each job position entails different responsibilities, but all positions follow United's general hiring requirements, mission statement, and values.

Read on to learn more about United's multifaceted hiring process and to take advantage of JobTestPrep's customized tips to help you succeed.

United Airlines General Hiring Requirements

Each job position has its own additional requirements, but every job position with United requires its employees to:

  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent
  • Be legally authorized to work in the US or country where you are employed
  • Successfully complete an interview that's required to meet job qualifications
  • Be reliable and punctual

If you meet all of these requirements, you can easily start the application process.

United Airlines Hiring Process

United's hiring process consists of multiple steps:


Primarily found and filled out online, the application first consists of a brief questionnaire. Here are some questions that typically appear on it: Are you allowed to legally work in the US? Do you have various certifications? Do any members of your family work for United?.

The questionnaire is followed by your basic information, resume, cover letter, and a chance to add job-related information (if you speak another language, if you have job specific certifications, etc.). Next is your work experience and education, followed by your references.


If you pass the application phase, the next step is the assessment. United Airlines uses the Hogan assessment to scan its future employees. The Hogan assessment is a personality test that measures various aspects of your personality: your "day-to-day" or "bright-side" personality (HPI), the "dark-side" of your personality (HDS), your cognitive abilities and skills (HBRI), your decision-making processes (Judgement), and your motivations and values (MVPI). Typically, the test takes 20–30 minutes per section, but United's version is comprised of a variety of questions from the different sections.

Although a personality test, there is still a way to prepare for this assessment, and it's important to do so. If you prepare, you will become familiar with Hogan questions and question types, allowing you to answer questions more efficiently. Additionally, by preparing for the Hogan assessment with JobTestPrep, you can learn how to manipulate your answer choices so that you produce the personality best suited for the job you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for a manager position, but your "normal" personality reflects that of a subordinate, then it's in your best interest to answer questions with a managerial perspective.  

If you pass the assessment phase, the next step is interviews.


After you complete your application and assessment with success, you will either be called for a phone interview or sent a video interview link.

The phone interview is just as it sounds—you are called and asked a number of basic questions. The video interview is set up so that you receive the interview questions via email, but instead of talking and interacting with a person, you record your interview answers on the computer and then submit them to the recruiter.

If you pass the phone and/or computer interview successfully, you are then invited to schedule a face-to-face interview. This interview is a bit unusual as there can be 20–45 other candidates at the same venue as you. This is because United recruiters first give an informative presentation, which is then followed by a one-on-one interview in front of 2–5 panel members.

If you pass the interview phase, the next step is the safety section.

Background Check & More

If you pass the application and multiple interview phases, the next step is to clear a background (including DUIs) and fingerprint check. It's important to have patience during this time as background checks can take time to process.

Only after you clear and successfully pass each step will a potential job offer be made. Something to note: don’t be surprised if United asks or offers you a chance to relocate.

United Airlines Hiring Tips

  • Bring all the necessary documents with you (passport, certifications, copies of your resume, etc.).
  • Arrive early. Leave time to review your interview answers, figure out where you're going, and "check in."
  • When it comes to taking the assessment, answer strategically but honestly.
  • Prior to your video interview, practice and rehearse your interview answers before recording and submitting them.
  • Dress the part. Just because it's a video interview and not a "formal" one doesn’t mean it matters less. Remember that you will be critiqued and assessed at every stage of the hiring process, so it's vital that you give 100%.

United Airlines Interview Questions and Answers

Question Answer Reasoning
Tell me about yourself. Give a brief introduction of your personal and educational background, followed by some information on your professional experience and achievements. Try to integrate both things from your resume as well as a few new things. The interviewer wants to learn more about you as well as about the things that might not make it on a conventional resume.
Have you ever bent company rules at your current or previous employer? No, I've never bent company rules at any job. I believe in company policy and am sure to follow the rules. Employers want to know that you are not a "wild card" or a liability. Safety is of utmost concern to those who work in the airline industry, and employers want to know that you can follow rules and be dependable.
Why should United Airlines hire you? Recall your professional experience, relevant job knowledge, skills and achievements, and your motivation for the job. The best way to incorporate the aforementioned information is through examples and brief anecdotes. The interviewer wants to understand and grasp your strengths as well as ensure that you understand the responsibilities and duties of the position you're applying for.

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