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Prepare for the commercial airline pilot hiring process with practice tests and study guides for the most popular aptitude tests. It can be tough to get hired for a commercial pilot position, especially when there are so many graduates applying for these jobs every year. Ensure that your application lands on the top of the pile by scoring highly on your pre-employment pilot assessment tests.

Pilot Assessment Sample Questions

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning is very important to pilots since they have to control an airborne vessel and make sure it arrives at its destination safely.

Spatial Reasoning Sample Question

The following diagram depicts boxes piled in a stack. Each box is of similar size and must be placed either on the ground or on another box.One of the boxes is marked by a red X. A box touches another box if they have at least one adjacent face or edge (not including vertices).How many other boxes touch the marked box?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The answer is 4.

There are 4 total touching spots.

Faces: bottom, right --> 2
Edges: bottom-right, left-front --> 2


Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is crucial for a pilot, since they have to communicate with ground control and other aircraft, in addition to being able to understand manuals and process information efficiently.

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

Water occupies 71% of our planet. About 96.5% of the water found on Earth is not readily available for human consumption, and resides in the oceans and seas. Out of the remaining 3.5%, 1.7% can be found in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland and 0.001% in the air as vapour and clouds. Water moves continually through the water cycle of evaporation and transpiration, condensation, precipitation and runoff, usually reaching the sea. Whereas evaporation refers to the phase shift of any liquid to gas, transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant. Runoff is the flow of water over the Earth's surface. It's created when too much rain falls, and there is no more room in the soil to absorb more water. One of the reasons seas are salty is because they contain large amounts of highly soluble salts (such as sodium and chloride) which were washed away by runoff water on its way to the sea.

Statement: Water content in glaciers is not considered to be groundwater.

What is the truth value of the statement?

Cannot Say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is True.

The third sentence breaks down water into several types: “1.7% can be found in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland and [...].” Glaciers and groundwater are mentioned as two separate types, each making up 1.7% of the water on our planet. As this confirms the statement, the correct answer is true.



What Is the Pilot Hiring Process? 

To become a commercial airline pilot, you will have to go through the "regular" application process for airline employees in addition to completing assessments and steps that are pilot-specific. The hiring process is as follows:

  1. Application: Submit your application, including your resume and a cover letter, either online or through a recruiter. Be sure to include any relevant flight experience that you have, as well as details about your training and education. Check your application and documents before submitting to be certain that there are no spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Online Tests: After submitting your application, you will receive an email inviting you to take online tests. Every airline uses different exams, but the most common assessments are personality tests, numerical reasoning tests, and verbal tests. Personality tests are popular assessments because airlines want to ensure that their pilots will get along well with their co-pilot and cabin crew and that they will be able to handle the difficulties inherent in the position. Numerical reasoning tests and verbal reasoning tests are used as a measure of cognitive ability.
  3. Simulator: Complete a flight simulation. This is a crucial part of your application process since it can make or break you. 
  4. Interview: Have an interview with hiring managers and human resources representatives. Remember to dress professionally, be friendly, and prepare for your interview in advance. Make a list of your best skills and attributes as well as relevant examples that you can discuss with your interviewers. You should also think of answers to tricky questions, such as "What is your biggest weakness?" or "Tell me about a time that you had a conflict with a co-worker or a manager."
  5. Group Exercise/Role Play Exercise: The purpose of the group exercise is to see how well you get along with others. Keep your ego in check and don't try to appear better than the other candidates. Rather, focus on being a team player and solving the group tasks together with the others. If you are placed in a leadership position in the group exercise, you should be ready to delegate tasks and to share the credit for success with your fellow candidates.


What Assessments Will I Have to Take?

Hogan Assessment or Personality Test

The Hogan Assessment is a popular personality test that evaluates your motivations, cognitive abilities, decision-making skills, personality, and behavior under stressful conditions. You may encounter true/false questions, agree/disagree questions, and questions that ask you to rank how strongly you identify with a particular statement. It is important to score highly on the Hogan, because if you fail it you may be automatically disqualified from a position as a pilot. Although it is important to answer questions honestly, it is possible to prepare for the Hogan and thus boost your chances of obtaining the desired result. JobTestPrep has tailored study guides and practice tests that can help you prepare for the Hogan Assessment.

Flight Simulation 

As you may already know, a crucial part of your job application process is passing a flight simulator. You will need to fly autonomously for about 40 minutes, demonstrating takeoff, climbing, descents, turns, and emergency responses, all without any sort of outside assistance. This is an opportunity to demonstrate not only your technical skills but also your problem-solving abilities and ability to act under pressure.

Aptitude Tests

In addition to personality tests and flight simulations, there is a variety of aptitude tests that you will likely need to take. These include spatial reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, and basic math tests. JobTestPrep's Pilot Bundle includes preparation materials for these exams and more. Get ahead of the competition—start practicing now. 

How Can I Prepare for the Pilot Exam?

Pilot Personality Test Preparation

Prepare for your pilot personality test with JobTestPrep's comprehensive test preparation resources. Our personality test preparation includes over 200 personality trait practise questions, an in-depth study guide, plus a personality trait analysis and personalized feedback that can help you feel relaxed and prepared for your personality assessment.

Aptitude Test Preparation

JobTestPrep's Airline Pilot Bundle includes preparation materials for spatial reasoning, verbal reasoning, basic math tests and more. With practice questions and explanations, comprehensive video tutorials and study guides, these preparation resources will help you sharpen your skills and strengthen any weaknesses before your assessment. Get familiar with the type of questions that will appear on your test and succeed on your upcoming commercial pilot assessment test!

Which Airlines Use Pilot Aptitude Tests? 

Airlines Bundles Available
Aer Lingus Aeroflot Aerolineas Argentinas
Aeromexico Air Canada Air Europa
Air France Air India Air Jamaica
Air Mauritius Air New Zealand Air Pacific
Air Portugal (TAP) Air Services Air Tahiti Nue
Air Tran Air Transat Air Zimbabwe
Alaska Airlines Alitalia Airlines All Nippon Airways
American Airlines American Eagle American Trans Air (ATA)
Asiana Airlines Austrian Airlines Avianca
Bahamas Air BMT Aerospace British Airways
British Midland Brussels Airlines Bwia
Canjet Cathay Dragon Cathay Pacific Airways
Cayman Airlines China Airlines China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines CityJet Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines EasyJet Egypt Air
El Al Israel Emirates Air Etihad
Eva Airlines Finnair Flydubai
Frontier Airlines Garuda Gulf Air
Hawaiian Airlines Horizon Air Iberia Airlines
Icelandair Japan Airlines Jet Airways
Jet2 Jetstar Airways Klm Royal Dutch
Korean Airlines Kuwait Airlines Kuwait Airways
Lacsa Costa Rica Lan Chile Lufthansa
Malaysian Airlines Malev Hungarian Airlines Mesaba Airlines
Norwegian Olympic Airways Pacific Coastal Airlines
Philippine Airlines Qantas Airlines Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Nepal
Ryan Intl Airways Saudi Airlines Scandinavian Airlines
Singapore Airlines South African Airlines Spirit Airlines
Sun Country Swiss Intl Airlines Taca Airlines
Thai Airways Tiger Air Turkish Airlines
United Airlines United Express Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Australia Xiamen Airlines XL Airways France

How Can I Prepare for a Civil Service Pilot or Aviation Job? 

We offer assessment preparation for different pilot job positions in the US civil service departments. If you don't see the specific civil service pilot position that you're looking for, contact us for a personalized recommendation!

Job position Department Assessments
Aircraft pilot 1/Lieutenant, Game warden Department of Parks and Wildlife, Texas Structured interview
Airplane Pilot Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Arizona Structured Interview
Airplane Pilot Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Minnesota Structured Interview
Aviation Safety Inspector  Department of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Structured Interview 
Helicopter Pilot Washington State DNR Wildfire Aviation, Washington Structured Interview
Pilots - CBP Air Indiction Agent Department of Homeland Security - Customers and Border Protection - Air and Marine Operations Structured Interview
Supervisory Flight Test Pilot Department of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), California Structured Interview
Warden-Pilot Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Interview, Written Exam, In-basket assignment, Mathematics calculations and Presentation
Aviator National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB)
Aircraft Pilot Department of Defense, Massachusetts  
Airplane Pilot North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS), North Carolina  
Airplane Pilot Department of Energy - National Nuclear Security Administration, New Mexico  
Airway Transportation System Specialist Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  
Aviation Operations Specialist Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Utah  
Chief Helicopter Pilot - Wildland Aerial Firefighter Department of Natural Resources  
National Aviation Program Manager Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Idaho  
 Police Officer - Pilot  Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Washington Written Exam, Interview
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