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What's Included

  • 4 Supervisory SJT Practice tests
  • A Managerial SJT Practice test
  • SLA and TLA tests preparation
  • Full-length professional personality test
  • Detailed reports & analysis of traits per position
  • The Complete Study Guide for both personality and SJT tests
  • Secured payment 
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
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When applying for managerial positions at Walmart, you will be required to pass Walmart's leadership assessment. There are two separate Walmart management assessment tests:

  • Walmart Supervisor Leadership Assessment Test (SLA)
  • Walmart Tactical Leadership Assessment Test (TLA)

Both assessments are computer-based and contain questions that are situational. The SLA is administered before the TLA exam. You can expect the TLA to be more difficult than the SLA, as the Walmart Tactical Leadership Assessment involves a higher level of management. If you pass both tests, you may find that your SLA result is deleted from your record since the Tactical Leadership Assessment carries greater value than the Walmart Supervisory Leadership Assessment Test.

Who Takes the SLA and TLA?

The Supervisor Leadership Assessment test concerns hourly-manager positions such as Department Manager, Customer Service Manager (CSM) and Support Manager. The Tactical Leadership Assessment test, by contrast, determines those job applicants who proceed toward an interview regarding salaried-manager openings, such as Assistant Store Manager, Asset Protection Coordinator (APC), Co-Manager and Store Manager.

Walmart Management Scoring

The Walmart leadership assessments are focused on the competitive attitude. You will encounter a pass/fail exam for both assessments. When you complete the test, your result will be termed "Competitive" for a successful exam, and "Non-Competitive" for an assessment that has not passed. Your managerial future at Walmart depends on the results of your Supervisor Leadership Assessment test and Tactical Leadership Assessment test.

When answering questions presented in the TLA test and SLA test, apply the principles of competition and decisiveness. When in doubt as to any test item, adhere to current management loyalty.

Walmart Leadership Preparation Package Advantage

By practicing with our sample tests and analyzing questions and answers, you can gain a familiarity with the types of questions found on the SLA and TLA. Our practice pack provides a full strategy for analyzing and answering questions, and include our experts' tips.

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