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About Volvo's Assessment PrepPacks™

The Volvo's assessment test does not have to be a roadblock on your way to obtaining the job you want. JobTestPrep can strengthen your way to success with our in-depth Volvo preparation materials.


Insider Information from One of Our Customers

'I took a work keys test which was easy and the Ramsay test which was very hard and nothing to do with my job might as well been for an electrical engineer.'

Multi Craft Maintenance Technician Candidate


Volvo WorkKeys Assessment Test

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring "real-world" skills that employers believe are critical to job success. The assessment tests include WorkKeys Applied Technology Test Applied, mathematics, Writing, Listening for Understanding, Locating Information, Reading for Information, Teamwork, Fit, Talent, and Performance.

Other Volvo Assessment Test

Besides having to take the WorkKeys assessment test you may encounter one or more of the following tests - personality, sjt, verbal, mathematical reasoning, the Ramsay Mechanical Test (Ramsay Maintenance Test or Ramsay Electrical Test), or even a Microsoft test.

These tests are similar to Ramsay tests conducted by other employers, such as the Amazon Tech 3 Test or the Walmart Maintenance Technician Test.


Start Preparing the Right Way for Your Volvo's WorkKeys Assessment PrepPacks™

Only carefully preparing for your examination can you shoot ahead of other candidates for your desired position. At JobTestPrep, we provide a thoughtfully designed collection of test simulations, drills, interview preparations, and personality assessment with which you can enhance your knowledge of the subject and construct a reliable personality profile. Purchase our PrepPack™ and achieve good results on your test and interview.


Volvo Interview

Interviews are usually daunting. Whether you are having a phone interview, where you mostly talk about your work experience, or an in-person interview, where you answer competency-based questions, you may feel nervous and confused. To learn how to conduct yourself calmly during your interviews, go to JobTestPrep’s interview kit. There you will find useful advice on how to assuage your nervousness when you are sitting face-to-face to the Volvo’s representative. By using our practice resources, you will also learn about the most commonly asked questions followed by possible answers to them.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Which Skill Sets do the Situational Judgement Tests look to Assess?

There are four major professional categories that Situational Judgement Tests use to assess and measure. These are Communication skills, Teamwork, Decision making and people skills.

What is the Volvo's Panel Interview?

A panel interview is a part of the face-to-face interview that usually takes place in one of Volvo's locations. The panel interview presupposes an interview with four or five people simultaneously. Questions asked in the panel interview are usually competency-based. You can also expect situational questions, in which you will need to describe a situation where you encountered and successfully solved a problem by taking certain actions.

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