Feast 2 Multipass & DART Test Guide [2024]
Yedidya Lixenberg

Yedidya, Aviation Industry Assessments Expert at JobTestPrep.

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What Tests Can You Expect?

The second round of FEAST tests (FEAST2) given for ATC candidates who passed the first stage of the FEAST assessment, is designed to assess your ability to perform air traffic control tasks in a realistic, simulated environment. You will receive one or two of these tests, depending on your Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP):

  • The FEAST II Multipass Test
  • Possibly the Dynamic ATC Radar Test (FEAST II DART Test)
  • FEAST II Strip Display Management Test

These work sample tests are much longer than the first FEAST phase, so be ready for about 4 hours of testing.

The DART and Multipass exams will challenge your ability to multitask, solve problems effectively, and make quick decisions while maintaining high situational awareness. Most importantly, it will test your ability to remain calm and effective in high-pressure situations.   

FEAST Multipass Test

The FEAST Multipass Test is an air traffic simulation with scenarios that require managing multiple aircraft, responding to potential conflicts and making quick decisions.

It includes three kinds of tasks you need to complete simultaneously:

  • Directing Aircraft to appropriate landing routes and runways while solving potential conflicts.
  • Managing flight strips.
  • An Audio Task- a recorded sequence of 3 letters and 3 numbers will be played (e.g., KDB937), and you will have to confirm identical sequences that appear on the screen.


How Many Airplanes Can You Expect at Once?

According to previous test takers' experiences, the workload in the Multipass Test can reach about 10-15 aircraft simultaneously.


Multipass Exam Tips

Your top priority in this test is resolving conflicts. Potential conflicts will stand out as aircraft will become red- this does not automatically mean that you are failing the assessment, as having potential conflicts is a built-in part of this test.  In such cases, try to remain calm to solve the conflict efficiently and keep the number of deducted points minimal.

Other than that, pay attention to the following scenarios that also cause point deduction:

  • Handing over aircraft too late.
  • Missing the estimated time of an aircraft for its respective point should be.


The FEAST DART test is an ATC radar simulation, in which you navigate your plane around a set of waypoints without conflicting with uncontrolled traffic. The aim is to ensure there are no conflicts, by giving altitude changes or heading changes to make sure all aircraft avoid each other.

How Many Airplanes Can You Expect at Once?

According to previous test takers' experiences, the workload in the Dynamic Radar Test can reach 6-10 aircraft at the same time.

Strip Display Management Test

The Strip Display Management Test is a crucial component in the selection procedure for air traffic controllers. This test delves into air traffic control (ATC) management utilizing flight progress strips, a method where ATC guides aircraft through predetermined control points, such as cities, enabling early detection of potential conflicts. The training module offers a true-to-life simulation experience, employing flight progress strips across diverse scenarios to effectively mimic ATC operations.

How to Prepare for the FEAST II Multipass and Dynamic Radar Test?

  1. Practice multi-tasking
    One of the main skills FEAST 2 tests examine is multi-tasking. Practice handling multiple tasks for an extended time period to strengthen this ability.
  2. Take the test well rested
    In addition to being intensive in nature, the FEAST 2 tests last four long hours. Ensure that you rest well before the exam and that you are mentally prepared.
  3. Use FEAST practice rounds wisely
    Prior to each FEAST 2 test, you will receive detailed instructions and two practice rounds, which get progressively more difficult. Use these practice rounds to make sure you understand the rules and goal of the test.
  4. Remain composed when alarms go off
    Avoid panicking if you experience a conflict alarm due to proximity or predicted proximity. A lot of test takers get nervous and distracted when an alarm goes off, causing a snowball of alarms immediately after. Instead, remember that handling such unexpected situations is part of the test, refocus yourself and keep going.

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How Long Does It Take To Hear Back After FEAST 2 Tests?

After completing the FEAST 2 tests, getting an answer could take anywhere between a couple of days and up to a couple of months. If you pass, you may also receive an invitation for a two day boot camp, a while after your first notification.

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