WorkKeys Fit Assessment Test Preparation
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About the WorkKeys Fit Assessment

The Fit Assessment measures an individual’s interests and values to the work environment. It finds out if an applicant would be a good fit between employee and occupation. This tool assesses work-related interests and a broad range of work-related values, such as Autonomy, Physical Activity, Influencing Others, and Precision.

WorkKeys Fit Assessment Measures

The Fit Assessment consists of 100 items. The test lasts for 15-20 minutes. It is only found in the WorkKeys internet version. The test measures various skills. The assessment consists of two instruments: the ACT Interest Inventory and the ACT Work Values Inventory.

The inventory assesses six basic interests covering the spectrum of basic work tasks.

  • Administration & Sales: Persuading, influencing, directing, or motivating others through activities such as sales, supervision, and aspects of business management.
  • Business Operations: Developing and/or maintaining accurate and orderly files, records, accounts, etc.; designing and/or following systematic procedures for performing business activities.
  • Technical: Working with tools, instruments, and mechanical or electrical equipment. Activities include designing, building, repairing machinery, and raising crops/animals.
  • Science & Technology: Investigating and attempting to understand phenomena in the natural sciences through reading and research.
  • Arts: Expressing oneself through activities such as painting, designing, singing, dancing, and writing; artistic appreciation of such activities.
  • Social Service: Helping, enlightening, or serving others through activities such as teaching, counseling, working in service-oriented organizations, engaging in social/political studies.

The ACT Work Values Inventory was developed specifically for the WorkKeys Fit Assessment. It consists of 18 values commonly found in values inventories.

Below are 6 example values and definitions are:

  • Public Contact: Interacting with external customers or the public in general.
  • Autonomy: Making one's own plans and decisions at work.
  • Influencing Others: Convincing or advising people to do things, even in non-supervisory roles.
  • Order: Putting things in order for others; using a system or rules to arrange things.
  • Precision: Being exact or very accurate in one's work.
  • Creativity: Creating something new or finding new ways of doing things; original thinking.

Fit Assessment Test Preparation

We provide the Fit Assessment Test format and measures to prepare you for the exam. We are currently working on a WorkKeys Fit Assessment practice test so that when you take the exam you will successfully pass.

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