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What You'll Get

10s of practice tests & 1000+ practice questions for Maersk assessment

✓ 2 Diagnostic tests (assesses your skill level & weak-point)
✓ 6 Maersk PLI tests simulations
✓ 19 Figural reasoning tests
✓ 18 Numerical tests
✓ 11 Verbal tests
✓ 1 Personality test simulation
✓ 8 Numerical exercises
✓ 11 Study guides & video tutorials
✓ Money back guarantee


This prep pack covers all Maersk assessment topics, such as Abstract Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, numerical Reasoning, and Spatial Reasoning. 

You will practice these in full immersive simulations of your actual test as well as dedicated drills by topic.

This prep pack gives you access to the most up-to-date practice materials on the market.

Using this pack will give you a huge advantage over your competition by allowing you to:

  1. Spot your weaknesses and strengths early on, enabling you to focus on your weakest areas.
  2. Eliminate the element of surprise and reduce your stress during the real assessment.
  3. To achieve a significantly improved score within a short time of just a few days.
  4. Get pre-exposure to the test’s content and format.
  5. Get accustomed to harsh time constraints of the test by practicing in Timed-Mode (on a 12-minute test, this is critical).


triple your chances of getting the job

Improve Your Chances to Get the Job by 139%

Our latest client survey shows that job-seekers who prepared for their test using our material improve by 139% - You can too.

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