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Dow Corning has highlighted three cognitive aptitudes that are essential for effective performance of the tasks involved in the training program as well as in the actual Chemical Process Operator’s work: reading comprehension, numerical skills, and mechanical ability. These key aptitudes have been translated into three specific tests. While each of the exams highlights specific skills, they all further assess elements of overall mental aptitudes. Expect a timed, multiple choice format throughout the test battery.

Verbal Ability Test

Work-related documents are the basis of the Verbal Ability Test. This exam measures your comprehension of written sentences and paragraphs, along with your skill in communicating information to managers, coworkers, and clients.

Five types of questions comprise the Verbal Ability Test:

  • Understanding of visual details
  • Word definitions
  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence completion
  • Basic grammar

Some of the types of questions found on the verbal ability test are: application of diagram information, sentence correction, passage-based items, and selection of an alternative definition that matches an underlined word. As to the passages presented, you will be asked to draw conclusions, summarize information and identify the purpose of the passage - all sourced solely in the scenario presented.

Mathematical Skills Test

Your basic math and geometry aptitudes, in addition to problem-solving skills, lie at the core of this second assessment.

There are six types of math problems on this assessment:

  • Application of the information found in charts and graphs
  • Geometry
  • Basic algebra
  • Fractions
  • Word problems
  • Arithmetic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

The Math Skills Test includes a variety of topics. These include fundamental linear equations, perimeter and area of geometric shapes, decimals, fractions, percentages and the application of details exhibited in charts.

Mechanical Reasoning Test

Figures and drawings reflect the movement and weight of various mechanisms. This exam assesses your comprehension of mechanical devices, fundamental mechanical principles and basic physics. Knowledge of tools and machines are at the heart of the Mechanical Reasoning Test. A high score on the mechanical exam is predictive of effective use of Chemical Process Operator machines.

The four types of mechanical aptitude questions consist of:

  • Wheels and pulley systems
  • Understanding the concept of structural support
  • Motion of objects
  • Gears and shafts

Other Tests

When applying for a manufacturing position at Dow Corning you may encounter a Kenexa test. There are two kinds of Kenexa tests. There are Kenexa Prove It tests and Kenexa Aptitude tests. Learn more about the different kinds of Kenexa tests and start practicing for the test today.

Why Prepare for the Dow Corning Chemical Operator Test?

The Dow Corning test battery is a powerful factor in your application process. It is worth your time and effort to become fully prepared for the exam that determines whether or not you get to the interview phase of the hiring process.

By completing Chemical Process Operator practice tests, you gain an insight into your learning gaps, thus presenting you the opportunity to focus on those weak areas as you prepare for the assessments. Further direct benefits involve knowledge of the format and types of questions found on the actual tests that you will face soon after you send in your application. This familiarization with the test elements carries decreased exam anxiety and increased speed and accuracy.

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