Phillips 66 Test Battery - Accurate Online Test Practice [2024]

What is the Phillips 66 Battery Test?

The Phillips 66 Battery Test assesses candidates for mechanical positions in the first step of the company's hiring process. It is a basic skills test including mechanical, technical, and behavioral multiple-choice questions. Overall, the test takes about one hour and 20 minutes.

This test (previously known as the Valtera battery test) is provided by assessment company SHL, and is used to ensure that the applicants who are hired have the traits and skills necessary to effectively perform their jobs. Essential cognitive aptitudes and characteristics that are measured in the Phillips 66 pre-employment test include:

  • Following safety procedures and policies
  • Understanding and applying communicated information
  • Making appropriate decisions
  • Identifying problems
  • Reading and understanding tables, charts, forms, dials, meters, gauges, and written material
  • Applying basic mechanical principles to solve problems
  • Thinking logically
  • Continually learning new information
  • Verifying the accuracy of information
  • Reliability, good interpersonal relations, conscientiousness, and teamwork

In the next section we will review each one of the Phillips 66 test battery sections, and answer some Valtera practice test questions.

Phillips 66 Test Battery Sections & Sample Questions


Mechanical Comprehension

  • Time limit: 15 minutes to answer 20 questions.
  • Questions: in this section you will be tasked with answering questions that measure your mechanical understanding, i.e. questions about how objects and systems are predicted to behave under given parameters.

 Questions in this section will likely be similar to the following question:

Which axle will spin at a faster rate? 

exxonmobil sample question 2
both will spin at the same speed
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Axle 2 of the blue wheel turns along the circumference of the larger wheel, while axle 1 is in the center of the large wheel. This means that at the same time that axle 1 spins, axle 2 needs to complete a greater distance along the circumference of the large wheel and therefore axle 2 will spin faster.


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Technical Checking

  • Time limit: 5 minutes to answer 15 questions.
  • Questions: In this challenging section of the Phillips 66 test (Valtera testing), you must first read a set of rules that designate a switch to a signal, depending on the slot it is in. You must then decide which option matches the rule that has been described. 


 Carefully examine the rules in the image below, and choose what you think is the correct option:

phillips 66 test battery rules


phillips 66 test battery answers


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Solve the question using the eliminating answers strategy.
For example, looking at slot #1 you can eliminate both B and C alternatives.
Skip the none relevant slots. for example, in slot #3 the signals are the same for all alternatives. therefore you should skip it on your way to finding the correct answer.

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Process Monitoring

This section directly examines skills related to Process Operator capabilities. That is, the ability to monitor and operate systems.

  • Time limit: 15 minutes to answer 30 questions.
  • Questions: In this section, you are asked to monitor 3 systems, interpret the presented data and decide whether to keep monitoring, make changes, or shut down the system.  


Work Attitudes

There are 5 sections of personality questions throughout the Phillips 66 battery test.

  • Time limit- unlimited.
  • Questions- Questions in the section are deceptively simple and open-ended. You are asked to rate your level of agreement with different behavioral statements related to work attitude, on a scale of 1-5.

Tip: Many people mistakenly believe that there is no need to prepare for the behavioral section of the Phillips 66 test battery, but this is a risky misconception. Like other leading employers, Phillips 66 are looking for specific traits that will ensure you are a good match with the company's culture and work environment - so preparing for this section is essential.

How to Pass the Phillips 66 Test Battery

The Phillips 66 battery test (formerly Valtera test) is a challenging test of your cognitive abilities and behavioral traits, and a crucial step on your path to a rewarding career. To make sure you get the score you need to rise above the competition, preparation is key.

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Phillips 66 Hiring Process

Candidates for mechanical, technical and engineering positions must pass three main steps in the Phillips 66 hiring process:

  1. Online application – the first step is finding the positions you're interested in pursuing.  You can look for P66 jobs and apply online on the Phillips 66 official site.
  2. Aptitude Tests – pre-employment online assessments are given to potential candidates mostly for mechanical positions. If your role requires completing an assessment, you wiill recieve an email outlining the details and deadline for the Phillips 66 assessment test.
  3. Interviews - the next stage of the Phillips 66 hiring process is the interview, which includes two steps:
    1. For the first stage you might be asked to complete a phone or video interview, frequently given online as an automated pre-recorded interview (via HireVue software).
    2. If you pass the first step, you will likely get invited to an on-site interview where you will be asked Phillips 66 interview questions in person.


 Phillips 66 Interview Questions 


After passing the Phillips 66 test battery (Valtera testing), your final step before landing the job you're after will be the interview. Just like the Phillips 66 test, you must prepare for this part thoroughly to maximize your chances of success. This requires several steps:

  1. Learn as much as you can about the company, and the company's values.  
  2. Based on what you've learned about the Phillips 66 and the specific position that you are applying for, think about your professional and personal experience and how it is relevant to the company.
  3. Practice Phillips 66 interview questions - although there is no way of telling for sure what you will be asked, you can expect to be presented with HireVue interview questions such as:
    • Tell us about a challenging project you took part in, and how you played a part in making it work.
    • What was your biggest professional upset?
    • Why are you interested in this position?
    • Give me a recent example how you cooperated with a team to resolve a challenging issue. 
    • What are your career goals?


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