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Many diverse career fields comprise the Phillips Petroleum Company, some of which include Drilling & Completion, Engineering, Offshore & Onshore Operations, Finance, Geosciences, Health/Safety/Environment, IT and Land Management. This company is a magnet for job seekers due to high salaries; good benefits; flexible work schedules; and a company focus on work/life balance.

To ensure that the applicants who are hired have the traits and skills necessary to effectively perform their jobs, Phillips 66 administers the Valtera Battery Test during the initial phase of the selection process. Essential aptitudes and characteristics that are measured in the Phillips 66 pre-employment test include:

  • Following safety procedures and policies
  • Understanding and applying communicated information
  • Making appropriate decisions
  • Identifying problems
  • Reading and understanding tables, charts, forms, dials, meters, gauges, and written material
  • Applying basic mechanical principles to solve problems
  • Thinking logically
  • Continually learning new information
  • Verifying the accuracy of information
  • Possessing traits, such as reliability, good interpersonal relations, conscientiousness, and teamwork

Phillips 66 Battery Test

Formatted in multiple-choice, the Valtera exam is timed and requires the selection of the best answer for each question. Three distinct tests are contained within the Phillips 66 assessment test for Operations and Maintenance jobs:

  • Mechanical Aptitude Assessment: The skills highlighted in the Mechanical Aptitude Assessment involve the comprehension and application of fundamental mechanical principles in solving situational difficulties. Gears, evaporation and volume are three of the topics you will encounter on the Phillips 66 Operator Test.
  • Mechanical knowledge assessment: This section is more knowledge-based than the mechanical aptitude section, and requires practical mechanical knowledge about things like pumps, motors, compressors, etc.
  • Workplace Attitude and Behavior Inventory: You will find several sections in this Inventory, each section presenting its own set of instructions. Some questions contain a five-point agreement scale; other answers require simply the determination of “Agree” or “Disagree”; while a third type of question calls for the selection of the alternative that most closely reflects your attitudes and preferences.

How to Prepare for the Phillips 66 Test Battery

Knowing the types of questions and becoming familiar with the overall format of the exam that you will face on the actual Valtera Test Battery yields increased exam comfort, accuracy and speed. JobTestPrep provides all of the study tools that contribute to a successful Phillips 66 exam experience.

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