Prepare for the Marathon Petroleum Aptitude Test

What You'll Get

  • 6 measurements, gauges, and charts reading tests
  • 16 math tests, including basic calculations and math word problems
  • 12 mechanical and physical tests
  • 12 logical deduction tests
  • 5 reading comprehension tests
  • 7 study guides and video tutorials for various subjects


The large turnout of applicants for every Marathon job opening is the result of excellent benefits and salaries as well as job satisfaction and challenging workloads. A huge range of employment fields are offered at Marathon, such as Engineering and Construction, IT, Marine, Transportation and Logistics, Health/Environment/Safety/Security, Marketing and Refining/Terminal/Pipeline Operations.

Marathon Hiring Process

The selection process at Marathon is complex and thoroughly reviews job-related aptitudes, behaviors, medical status, physical fitness, drug use and background information. While the hiring process varies to some degree depending on the specific job and location, there is a procedure that is generally followed at Marathon:

  • After filing an Application, you will take an online psychology test. This behavioral assessment involves the traits that are essential for successful job performance at Marathon. The emphasis is on attitudes toward safety, teamwork, willingness to work hard, integrity, openness to lifelong learning and motivation to rise to the top.
  • Pass the personality test, and you will be scheduled to take the Marathon Petroleum Aptitude Test. If this exam is not passed, the application process ends.
  • Passing the aptitude test places you in line for an interview. A wide range of subjects are covered such as work experiences, basic analytical chemistry, interpersonal relations and reasons for wanting to work at Marathon. When answering interview questions, you are expected to use the order established by the STAR system: Situation, Task, Action, Result.
  • Subsequent to a successful interview, you can expect to receive acceptance as a considered candidate, followed by several types of physical exams and a background check.

Marathon Aptitude Test

Topics covered in the aptitude exam include basic math, reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, gauge reading, understanding how tanks are filled and a verbal memory exercise. The Marathon Petroleum Operator Exam and several other specific job tests include questions on fluid mechanics/physics and a final section involving sets of lines. In this final section, the task is to identify the lines that overlap the other sets. Currently, we do not offer preparation for this specific task.

The Marathon pre-employment test is comprised of of90 questions and is to be completed within a timeframe of3.5 hours. Your successful test result remains on file for a period of one year.

Preparing for Marathon Aptitude and Personality Tests

Test preparation is most often the difference between passing and failing. By working on Marathon practice tests, you gain an understanding of what to expect on the actual exam in terms of types of questions and overall test format. Completing personality practice assessments and cognitive sample tests, increases accuracy and speed. JobTestPrep provides all of the study tools that contribute to successful Marathon aptitude and psychological tests.

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