What is the Wonderlic Test?
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What is the Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test (also known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test) is a 12-minute, 50-question exam that challenges your verbal, numerical, abstract, and general knowledge abilities under a tight time limit.

The Wonderlic Test is an effective tool used by employers to evaluate the cognitive ability, personality, and motivation of potential or current employees. It helps employers gain a better understanding of the individual and how they may fit into a role, as well as identify candidates who are likely to be a good fit for the company culture.

What is on The Wonderlic Test?

One of the first steps in preparing for the test is to familiarize yourself with the structure and questions you will face in the actual exam.

Wonderlic Test Structure

The structure of the cognitive 12 minutes test is:

40% English, 40% Math, 10% Logic, and 10% General Knowledge.

Wonderlic Questions Types & Examples:

  • 40% of English (Verbal Reasoning) - Consists of grammar, analogies, vocabulary, synonyms/antonyms, and deductive Reasoning.
  • 40% of Math (Numerical Reasoning) - Consists of number series, word problems, number patterns, and more.
  • The 10% Logic (Abstract Reasoning) - Consists of spatial Reasoning, pattern recognition, shape series, 3D shapes, and matrices.
  • 10% General Knowledge and Other - Consists of general knowledge questions, error identification questions, and clerical-type questions.

Is the Online Wonderlic Test Proctored?

The proctoring of the Online Wonderlic Test can vary depending on the specific version and platform being used. The Wonderlic test is often used for employment and education purposes to assess cognitive abilities and aptitude. Some versions of the test might be proctored, while others might not require direct supervision.

According to a research study of 50,000 participants done by Wonderlic, there is high correlation between the proctored and non-proctored versions of the exam. The reason is the strict time limit that makes it very hard to cheat the Wonderlic test even if it's not proctored. A testee just doesn't have enough time to search out the answers or use any other helpful materials.

How to Ace Your Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Test is a crucial and challenging first step towards that dream job you're aiming for, but with a very tight time-limit and tricky questions, it isn't an assessment you should approach unprepared.


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Different Types of Wonderlic Tests

The Wonderlic Test is commonly known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test.

Since its creation, the Wonderlic Personnel Test has been adapted into specialized versions such as the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (BST), Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE), and the Wonderlic Select (formerly Wonscore). 

It has been widely adopted by employers and institutions, including nursing schools, the National Football League (NFL), and universities.

Let's Explore and explain every one of the variations:

  • The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-Q) Quicktest: This 8-minute, 30-question exam, is the short version of the primary test.
  • The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R): The Primary Wonderlic exam. You get 12 minutes to solve 50 cognitive questions. 
  • Wonderlic Basic Skills (BST): The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, or WBST, is a 20 minutes test with 50 Verbal Reasoning questions and 45 Math questions. The purpose of this test is to understand whether you have basic english and math skills.
  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (Wonderlic SLE) -There are two SLE tests: the long version (SLE) requires answering 50 questions in 12 minutes, and the short version (SLE-Q) requires answering 30 questions in 8 minutes. It is mainly used by academic institutions to screen potential candidates (Example: Nursing).
  • Wonderlic Select (formerly Wonscore test) is the flagship Wonderlic assessment product that combines three tests in one assessment: The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (WPT-R), Wonderlic Personality Test & and Wonderlic Motivational Test.

If you are applying for a new position, your future employer may ask you to take the WPT-Q, QPT-R, WBST, or Wonderlic Select. If you are a student, your educational institution may have asked you to take the Wonderlic SLE exam.

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Are Wonderlic Questions Hard?

The questions are not considered difficult, but it is challenging to answer them within the 12-minute limit. This is why this test is so unique and effective, but it is also one that you should practice for rather than take unprepared.

Let's see some free wonderlic test questions and answers so you can have a better feel and understanding of what you are facing:

Numerical Reasoning: Number Series 

Which number comes next in this series:

14 | 15 | 17 | 14 | 10 | 15 | 21 | ?


A.   28
B.   14
C.   15
D.   22
E.   29
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

There are two rules to the sequence in this question:

(1) In each step the difference increases by |1|; i.e. 1, 2, |3| etc.
(2) The sign allocated to the difference between the steps alternates every two steps: +, +, -, - and so forth.

The correct answer is B

Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Structure

Arrange the following words into a complete sentence. What will be the last word of this sentence?


A. earth
B. The
C. orbits
D. sun
E. around
F. the
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct way to organize the sentence is: "The earth orbits around the sun". Therefore, the last word is "sun".

Approach the problem strategically. Every sentence has one main verb and unless your sentence is imperative (formed as a command) your sentence will include one main subject.

In this example question, the verb is ‘orbits’. We also know that a word that starts with a capital letter (The) will appear at the beginning of the sentence and the word ‘around’ is descriptive so it will not be the last word in this sentence.

So we've got two words to choose from: earth and sun and the correct answer is of course - sun.

The correct answer is D

Abstract Reasoning: Spatial Questions

The numbers in the figures below have the same mathematical relationship to one another.


What number should replace the question mark in the figure below?



A.    2
B.    3
C.    1
D.    4
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

When solving this type of question it is important to understand the pattern that the three circles exhibit and the numerical relationship between them.

Focus on the quarter that the question mark appears in and check to see if there is a common relationship that repeats itself between that quarter and the other quarters of each of the circles.

In this example, the circles share the following pattern: (Top cell) minus (Diagonal-bottom-cell) = 1.

e.g. left circle: 6 (top-left) – 5 (bottom-right) = 1, 9 (top-right) – 8 (bottom-left) = 1; right circle: 0 (top-left) – (-1) (bottom-right) = 1.

According to the reasoning above the (top-left) cell – (bottom-right) cell = 1. Therefore, the (bottom-right) cell = 2.

The correct answer is A

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How Does Wonderlic Scoring Work?

The Wonderlic scoring system uses a unique algorithm that considers a candidate's overall response pattern, the level of difficulty of each question, and the impact of guessing to create the Wonderlic Test Score.


"Our scoring algorithm is based on a candidate's overall response pattern, additionally weighting each question based on its level of difficulty and the impact of guessing. This produces a far more precise estimate of cognitive ability than a score based only on the total number of correct answers." 
source: wonderlic.com

This approach helps employers make more informed hiring decisions, which can ultimately improve the performance of their workforce.

Wonderlic Test Score Chart

wonderlic test chart

The score allows the recruiter to look at two main elements.

Alignment with Role: Test respondents exhibiting scores within this range most closely align with the requisite cognitive proficiencies for the designated role. It is plausible that these individuals possess the aptitude essential for addressing the multifaceted problem-solving intricacies inherent to this position.

Prospective for Development: The examinee in question demonstrates a capacity conducive to the expeditious assimilation and integration of information. Evidently, this individual is predisposed to inferential reasoning and the derivation of substantiated deductions from empirical observations.

Reduce Stress and Improve Your Score

Practicing can reduce stress and anxiety during testing and improve your chances of success. This can help you stand out from other candidates and improve your chances of getting the job.

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Free Wonderlic Practice Test Questions & Answers


The History of the Wonderlic Test

In the 1930s, E.F. Wonderlic noticed that skills tests and interviews weren't enough to measure someone's abilities and that most general intelligence tests took more than three hours to complete.

As a result, he set out to create a more efficient way to measure cognitive ability.

Wonderlic created the first short intelligence test. It only takes 12 minutes to finish and has 50 questions. It is compared to other intelligence tests regarding their reliability, validity, and effectiveness.


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