Wonderlic Test 2022: Free Practice Tests & Prep Guides

What is the Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test challenges your verbal, numerical, abstract and general knowledge abilities under a tight time-limit. You are required to answer very quickly - adding significant pressure and making otherwise straightforward questions seem complicated. This is why accurate practice is essential

Through meticulous research and years of experience, we have created a variety of specialized preparation packs that include everything you will need to get a great Wonderlic score. 

Check out our free Wonderlic Test or our 50 question Wonderlic Test PDF with full answers and solving tips to see what we offer.  

Choose Your Wonderlic Test

  • Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test - a challenging pre-employment test in which you will need to answer 50 numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning questions in 12 minutes. Check out our page for a free sample Test, problem solving skills guide, information on Wonderlic Test scores, and access to our full PrepPack. 
  • Wonderlic Test NFL - on this page you will find a free sample test, problem solving tips, as well as access to our full PrepPack. Don't settle for an average score. With us, this won't be what stands between you and becoming an NFL player. 
  • Wonderlic Basic Skills Test - The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, or WBST,  is a 20 minutes test with 50 Verbal Reasoning questions and 45 Math questions. Visit our page to take a free Wonderlic practice test and learn more about the WBST, required by companies such as the Canadian National Railway, Zurich Insurance, Subway, and others.
  • Wonscore Test - The Wonderlic WonScore consists of three tests: a Wonderlic cognitive ability test, a Wonderlic personality test, and a motivation test. To learn how to get the highest score on all three sections of this challenging test, visit our designated page which includes a free sample Wonderlic Personnel Test, problem solving tips, as well as access to our full PrepPack. 
  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam - The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam a trusted admissions test for the some of the top career colleges in the States. There are two SLE tests: the long version (SLE) requires answering 50 questions in 12 minutes, and the short version (SLE-Q) requires answering 30 questions in 8 minutes.
    Visit our page for step by step guides, a free sample test, and access to our full PrepPack and get a high score. 
  • Wonderlic Subway - The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a pre-requisite for anybody aspiring to open a Subway franchise. To get more than just an average score, visit our page and you will get everything you will need to ace the test and take another step towards realizing your goals.  


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Can you fail a Wonderlic test?

In most cases, if your score is lower than the minimum requirement of the company or college you applied to, you will not be accepted. In fact, there are instances when candidates are told that they can leave the interview after failing their Wonderlic test.

Is Wonderlic an IQ test?

The test that focuses on your cognitive abilities is basically a mini IQ Test. Wonderlic scores are often compared to sat scores and are known to predict future job and academic performance.

Because of the resemblance, some applicants think they can't change their score no matter how much they try, but this can’t be further from the truth.

Which Employers Use Wonderlic Tests?

Below is a table of the most popular companies, organizations, and job positions that require candidates to successfully pass the Wonderlic test.

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Company & Profession Position(s)


College football players


Transit Operator
Escalator mechanic
Station collector

Canadian National Railway

Train and Freight conductors
Subway Franchise manager or owner
David Weekly Homes Home Sales Consultant
Electrical Distributors
Management Trainee
Point 72 Analyst
Data Scientist
Pepsi Director
AlixPartners Director
Medline Industries Packing
Uline Warehouse associate
Sales intern
Epic systems Project Manager
Technical Solutions
IBM Assessment   
Various airlines Flight Attendant


It's important to note that while these companies are known to use Wonderlic tests, they may also require candidates to take other assessments, sit for interviews, or participate in group exercises.

For more information about companies using Wonderlic tests, click here.




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