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What is the Wonderlic Subway Test

The Subway Wonderlic Test is a cognitive assessment used to measure your basic language and math skills. Adapted from the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, it has a forty-minute time limit and includes two sections: verbal (50 questions, 20 minutes), and numerical (45 questions, 20 minutes). 

The Subway franchise test includes almost 100 verbal and numerical questions, and with only about 20 seconds to answer each of them and no calculators allowed, it can be very challenging. Both the high number of questions and the stressful time limit means that coming unprepared will very likely leave you feeling overwhelmed, which could lead to a disappointing score.

Check out the sample questions in the next section to see the types of sample questions you will find in our PrepPack, and your best way of passing the Subway test successfully. 


Not the Wonderlic test you're looking for? Visit the Wonderlic Cognitive test preparation guide, or check out the free Wonderlic test page to get some free practice. 

Subway Test Sample Questions

The questions below closely represent the type of questions you will face in the Subway franchise test. Remember, in the real test, you will only have about 20 seconds to answer each of the almost 100 questions!

First, let's check out the free Wonderlic practice test.


Subway Test Practice - Verbal

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation. 

1. Wire is to electricity as _____ is to water.

   A. Cloud
B. Lake
C. Boiler
D. faucet
E. Pipe
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

To solve this question correctly, it is necessary to understand the relationship between wire and electricity.

Creating a sentence with the first pair of words and applying it to the second pair is a useful method for solving this type of question. 

Electricity flows through a wire.

Now, we can try to apply this relation to water:
A. Water flows through a cloud.
B. Water flows through a lake.
C. Water flows through a boiler.
D. Water flows through a faucet.
E. Water flows through a pipe.



2. Choose the word that best indicates the meaning of the underlined word.

The information collected does not pertain to that incident.

A. Influence
B. amount
C. Relate
D. Subsitute
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Pertain means to relate to someone or something.

Subway Test Practice - Math

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation. 

1.  1/8 + 1/7= ?

A. 8/56
B. 35/56
C. 15/56
D. 16/52
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

When adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators we must first find their least common denominator:


2. A bicycle rider has completed 15 miles out of an 86 mile-long route. if he travels at a rate of 14.2 miles per hour, how many hours will it take him to complete the remaining distance?

A. 5
B. 4.3
C. 4.7
D. 7
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

We are asked to calculate how many hours it will take a cyclist to complete an 86 mile route, after he already rode 15 miles.

Therefore, we must calculate how long it will take the cyclist to ride 86-15 miles, given the fact that he is riding at a pace of 14.2 miles.

We can use the formula, Time = Distance/Speed.
We need to find Time.

Distance = 86-15 = 71 miles.
Speed - 14.2 mph.

Time = Distance/Speed 71/14.2 = 5.


Subway Franchise Test Topics

There are two main topics covered in the Subway test, which are split into two different sections - verbal and quantitative, each of which takes up to 20 minutes to complete.

The skills needed to do well on this exam include word knowledge, sentence construction, information retrieval, and explicit, applied, and interpretive math skills. The specific types of questions you will face are as follows:

Subway Test - Verbal:

The verbal section consists of 50 multiple-choice reading and language questions.

✻ Grammar skills: Finding errors, verb tenses, pronoun-antecedent agreement, and capitalization within the provided content.
✻ Sentence Construction: Knowing how to rearrange words to form a proper sentence.
✻ Vocabulary knowledge: Using the proper word to complete a given sentence and correctly defining various vocabulary words.
✻ Information Retrieval: Understanding which information to take note of and recall in terms of its relevance and importance.
✻ Reading Comprehension skills: Answering questions regarding the short texts. 

Subway Test - Quantitative:

The quantitative section includes 45 multiple-choice numerical reasoning and general mathematics questions.

✻ Numbers & Operations: Having the ability to carry out basic operations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
✻ Fractions: Performing problems involving fractions by comparing and manipulating them.
✻ Algebra: Writing and solving basic one-variable equations in an efficient manner.
✻ Geometry & Measurement: Find the distance, perimeter, area, and angle measurements.
✻ Data Interpretation: Comprehending and analyzing content provided in graphs and charts.
✻ Applied Word Problems: Locating various time, rates, percentages, ratios, and decimals. 


Subway Practice Test

Get a feel for the real Subway Wonderlic Test with this sample test that includes some of the most typical WBST question types:

Subway Wonderlic Test Scores

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) test takers will acquire separate scores for the verbal and quantitative test sections, which are both graded out of a total score of 500.

One’s grade and GED level equivalent will be marked, and a score of at least a 200 on the verbal test and a 210 on the quantitative test may be required to pass the assessment.

The sample score report can help provide a clearer picture of how the scoring system works.


Subway Franchise Test PrepPack™ Recommendation

"The preparation pack helped me understand the format and style of the test. The explanations after every question were very helpful, as well as the timed tests. A great resource!" 
Howard N. 

Top 5 Subway Franchise Test Tips

1. Take a guess – Since you won’t be penalized for answering questions incorrectly, feel free to use the process of elimination and take a guess whenever you aren’t sure of the right answer.

2. Don’t Use a Calculator – When practicing for the real test, make sure NOT to use a calculator, since they won’t be permitted to use during the exam. Instead, try to write out your math problems on a piece of scrap paper.

3. Know what areas to focus on – You will find many word problem questions containing unnecessary information, which might throw you off from solving the actual question. To avoid this, try learning to identify the important points within a given question.

4. Keep calm – Feeling nervous before a test is natural; however when you begin the test, try to take a deep breath and remain focused on one test question at a time, so as not to feel overwhelmed. Being relaxed can help you keep track of time, think straight, and steadily answer manner.

5. Practice – It goes without saying that practice makes perfect. With our tailor-made Wonderlic PrepPack, you can familiarize yourself with the structure and content of the real Subway test so you can gain the confidence you need to succeed!

Sample Subway Interview Questions

 What are your strengths and weaknesses?
 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 Why did you decide to apply for this position?
 What is your past work experience?
 Describe a time when you handled a difficult situation.

Wonderlic Subway Test FAQs

Can I skip questions on the test?

Yes. If you feel stuck on a particular question, feel free to skip it and move onto the next one. Once you’ve answered the following questions, you will be able to go back to the previous ones before submitting your test.

Can I use a calculator on the Wonderlic mathematical test?

No. Unfortunately, the use of calculators is not allowed when taking the mathematical test section. Yet the use of scrap paper is permitted.

What score do I need to do well on the Wonderlic Subway tests?

There is no definitive passing score for the Wonderlic tests since your results will be reviewed against the Subway franchise’s requirements for the specific job role you are applying for.

Can I improve my score by re-taking Wonderlic practice tests?

Yes. By using our Wonderlic practice tests to prepare for the actual Subway assessments, you can boost your scores and improve your ultimate chances for success. Try out our Wonderlic PrepPack to get ahead of the competition!

How can I be sure that this preparation is worth the price and will help me ace my test?

Our preparation pack is filled with exclusive practice materials to help you pass your Subway Wonderlic Test: Specific drills for every subject. Comprehensive study guides. Customized practice tests. JobTestPrep has helped applicants pass their tests since 1992. From our vast experience, we've learned what constitutes the most effective and precise preparation possible. This is exactly what you will get in.

My Wonderlic Subway Test is tomorrow. Is it too late to prepare for it?

Not at all. While our PrepPack includes hundreds of practice questions - it is definitely possible to increase your score dramatically in just a matter of hours. With this PrepPack, you can practice efficiently and then continue to the fully interactive and timed tests to know exactly what to expect on your test tomorrow.

Is this preparation relevant for me if English is not my first language?

Of course! If English is not your first language - this preparation is perfect for you! It covers everything you'll need to know on the verbal section, and offers clear explanations for every question. 



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