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What's Included

Cognitive Ability practice:

  • Nine full-length, timed Wonderlic–style practice tests  
  • Diagnostic test – learn your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • A complete Wonderlic study guide – 56 pages of tips on how to quickly solve each type of question
  • Seven additional practice drills on logical reasoning, language competencies, graph reasoning, and patterns
  • Detailed score reports & explanations

Personality practice:

  • Full-length professional personality test
  • A detailed score report featuring an analysis of 50 traits per position
  • The complete "How To" guide for personality tests
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access on desktop and mobile


Wonscore was created by Wonderlic to help companies with their hiring processes. Wonscore is a combination of three tests—cognitive ability, motivation, and personality—that result in one score.

Wonscore assesses and ranks potential employees in areas that are proven to predict job performance.

Wonscore Tests

The cognitive ability test measures your ability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and understand instructions.

The motivation test evaluates what key drivers of motivation link you to workplace engagement and job performance.

The personality test assesses your personality traits with the demands of the job.

How Wonscore Works

First, the company will select the job title and description that best matches the open position. Then, it will evaluate applicants based on benchmarks that are tailored to the position it wants to fill.

Wonscore then helps the company determine which candidates are worth pursuing before it reviews any resume. Wonscore can be given to a candidate after he or she applies or as part of the job posting.

Wonscore helps the company choose who to hire based on the candidates' final scores on the three tests.

Companies are able to compare candidate scores with other applicants. Preparing for these tests will help you achieve a higher score, which can, in turn, lead to your employment.

Wonscore and the Hiring Process

Employers don’t want to waste their time with the wrong applicants. Wonscore helps employers in the pre-hiring process by displaying potential employees' decision-making skills, motivation, and personality. Since candidates look the same on paper, Wonscore helps employers see candidates differently. More specifically, Wonscore gives employers a detailed look at individual candidates' performance potential.

Prepare for Wonscore with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep offers a Wonscore PrepPack™ that prepares you for all three tests found on the Wonderlic Wonscore. Becoming familiar with these tests will help you achieve a higher score on the exams, giving you an advantage over other candidates. Start preparing today.

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