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What is the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) measures your basic math and English skills, and is used by many leading institutions as an entrance exam. The WBST has a forty minute time limit, and includes two sections: the verbal section (50 questions, 20 minutes), and the numerical section (45 questions, 20 minutes). 

Although not all the questions are difficult on their own, the time pressure of only 20 seconds per question as well as the large number of questions can easily overwhelm you and keep you from passing. 

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Practice Questions

Below are WBST practice test questions which accurately represent those found in the real test. Try answering each one in under 20 seconds without using a calculator to simulate the pressure you will face when in the real WBST. 


Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Practice - Verbal

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation. 

1. Wire is to electricity as _____ is to water.

   A. Cloud
B. Lake
C. Boiler
D. faucet
E. Pipe
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

To solve this question correctly, it is necessary to understand the relationship between wire and electricity.

Creating a sentence with the first pair of words and applying it to the second pair is a useful method for solving this type of question. 

Electricity flows through a wire.

Now, we can try to apply this relation to water:
A. Water flows through a cloud.
B. Water flows through a lake.
C. Water flows through a boiler.
D. Water flows through a faucet.
E. Water flows through a pipe.



2. Choose the word that best indicates the meaning of the underlined word.

The information collected does not pertain to that incident.

A. Influence
B. amount
C. Relate
D. Subsitute
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Pertain means to relate to someone or something.

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Practice - Math

Click the answer you think is correct to view the explanation. 

1.  1/8 + 1/7= ?

A. 8/56
B. 35/56
C. 15/56
D. 16/52
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

When adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators we must first find their least common denominator:


2. A bicycle rider has completed 15 miles out of an 86 mile-long route. if he travels at a rate of 14.2 miles per hour, how many hours will it take him to complete the remaining distance?

A. 5
B. 4.3
C. 4.7
D. 7
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

We are asked to calculate how many hours it will take a cyclist to complete an 86 mile route, after he already rode 15 miles.

Therefore, we must calculate how long it will take the cyclist to ride 86-15 miles, given the fact that he is riding at a pace of 14.2 miles.

We can use the formula, Time = Distance/Speed.
We need to find Time.

Distance = 86-15 = 71 miles.
Speed - 14.2 mph.

Time = Distance/Speed 71/14.2 = 5.


For more sample questions with full answers and solving tips, check out our Wonderlic Practice Test page.


Topics Covered in The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

The test is divided into two parts, each 20 minutes long. 

The verbal section measures your verbal reasoning - the ability to understand, analyze, and interpret written information. 

The main topics that will appear in the verbal test:

  • Sentence completion.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Sentence construction.
  • Information retrieval.
  • Understanding of "how-to" instructions.
  • Recognizing grammar mistakes.
  • Reading comprehension. 

The main topics that will appear in the math test:

  • The four basic math operations.
  • Computing rates, proportions, and percentages in applied contexts.
  • Solving variable expressions and equations.
  • Fractions and decimals.
  • Rounding numbers and averages.
  • Basic geometry concepts.

Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Scores

The WBST is a standardized test, meaning your score is calculated relatively to other test takers. This is why your passing score depends on the position or school you're applying for and the number of other candidates as well as their level.

If, for example, a company is going through a large recruitment process, it will want to accept as many applicants as possible and may therefore lower its standards to increase the acceptance rate. In contrast, an employer with a few open positions will only consider applicants who scored high on the exam.

So the best advice we can give you to is to work hard and practice meticulously with accurate materials, thus maximizing your score and your chances of passing. 


How to Pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test 

Passing the Wonderlic basic skills test depends on two main factors: learning good time-management, and familiarizing yourself with the type of questions that will show up on the WBST. Although some questions might seem straightforward, answering 95 of them with 20 seconds per question is not easy. 

This is why we have created the Wonderlic basic skills test preparation pack, which will allow you to experience both the pressure and the content of the WBST through accurate Wonderlic basic skills practice test batteries. 

JobTestPrep's WBST prep pack includes six Wonderlic basic skills practice test simulations along with 34 additional practice tests, as well as:

  • Detailed answers and explanations for each question.
  • Eight study guides including Wonderlic Study Guides, Back to Basics, and time management tips.
  • A customized score report detailing how well you performed, where you need improvement, and question-by-question analysis.




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Which Employers Use Wonderlic Tests?

Here is a list of the main employers who use the Wonderlic test for assessing job applicants:

Business Industry Press to
Subway Food Subway
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My WBST is tomorrow, is it too late to prepare for it?

Not at all.

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What Is the Difference Between the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test and The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills test focuses on testing the candidate’s basic skills in English and in Math while the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test gives a broader view and checks for General Knowledge, Abstract Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.


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