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About DALO

The Wonderlic Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes test is a customized test to specific courses or programs, in both allied health professions and criminal justice professions. In allied health professions this could be jobs like Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, EKG Technician etc, and in criminal justice professions, private security and homeland security, law enforcement and other jobs. 

Questions on the DALO

The Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes is an interactive test that allows the students to be evaluated as though they are within realistic situations, therefore the test has been designed to contain interactive style questions:

  • Match terms and definitions (drag and drop)
  • Fill in the blank
  • Realistic scenarios (audio, illustrations, and videos)
  • Multi-select
  • Interpret graphs
  • Placing steps in sequence
  • Label diagrams
  • Sort cards into categories
  • Complete forms

The Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes test has a unique style as written above, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the test to ensure you give your maximum performance.

Prepare for Success!

The Wonderlic Test may seem intimidating, but you will soon be at ease once you practice with our unique and comprehensive practice packs. Each pack includes: 

  • Completely online and interactive questions. No downloads, no ebooks, no headaches
  • Clear answers and explanations for each question
  • A personalized score report, highlighting your score, areas needing improvement, and question-by-question analysis
  • The Complete Wonderlic Study Guide and Time Management Guide-The comprehensive guide to successfully understanding the questions on the Wonderlic as well as tips to improve your time management skills on the test
  • Helpful customer service
  • Hundreds of Wonderlic sample test questions

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