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About JobTestPrep’s System1 Packs

Going through the recruitment process for System1 can make you feel somewhat frazzled. JobTestPrep’s comprehensive practice materials will help ease your mind and help you gain the confidence that you need to come out on top throughout the System1’s hiring procedure.

System1 Mathematical and Verbal Reasoning Test

Both the mathematical and verbal reasoning tests allow System1 to assess basic skills needed for any position you apply for. The mathematical reasoning test can range from the most basic mathematics to more advanced calculations. The verbal reasoning test assesses how well you can analyze, comprehend, and draw conclusions based on written information. JobTestPrep offers a number of practice materials to help you brush up on and improve your capabilities.

System1 Situational Judgement and Personality Tests

The System1 Situational Judgement Test (SJT) provides insight into your abilities to effectively approach conflicts and scenarios that may come up during the workday. You will also be asked to choose a series different statements that best or least describe you.


Personality tests are meant to help companies find the right fit for any given position. This could include solving office work disputes or coping with stress and pressure among other factors and situations.


Practice Online for Your System1 Test with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep offers a substantial amount of job preparation materials to see you through the length of the company’s recruitment process. Confidently pass your pre-employment assessments and interviews with our comprehensive PrepPacks™.


System1 Interview Preparation

Properly preparing for your interview takes more than a quick google search to find top interview questions. Learn about the company and its culture, you can do this by looking at the company’s social media outlets to get better acquainted. JobTestPrep's interview practice pack will help you with a study guide and tips on how to prepare for your interview.

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What Are the Different Steps That System1 May Utilize to Find the Right Candidate?

  • Pre-employment tests - Assessments help employers weed out candidates that do not have the skills to properly perform on the job. The company wants to know you can do the technical work.
  • Interview - This could include a screening phone call or an in-person interview.
  • Follow-up – After each stage make sure you follow up by thanking your interviewer for their time and make it clear that you are interested in the position.
  • Background and Drug Testing – Be aware many companies will check your criminal history and may even perform drug tests.
  • Reference Checks – Usually once the company has made up their mind to hire they will ask you for one or two references to collaborate your story.

Jobtestprep will provide you all the tools you need to guide you through each stage of the process.

How to Fast Track System1's Hiring Process

Hew are a few tips that might expedite the process or at least help you manage the dreaded wait time.

  • Learn as much as you can about the company. Beyond reading the website, find reviews and articles about the company’s products. Track the company on social media and find out what makes them tick. Additionally, consider posing as a potential client by using customer service to ask questions to more thoroughly understand the product.
  • Finds ways to move spur the process along. Find an internal reference within the company that can pass your resume along to a hiring manager. At times this can cut out the initial screening by HR. Also after every stage, make sure to send a polite thank you note just to remind them that you exist, just don’t make it sound desperate.
  • Everyone wants what they cannot have. If things are taking too long, let them know you have another offer on the table.


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