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JobTestPrep aims to help job applicants at Ingredion get the job. Knowing that Ingredion often asks its job candidates to take different pre-employment assessments, we have compiled an inclusive Ingredion PrepPack™ that contains several tests most likely to be offered to applicants for certain positions. Those who compete for the role of engineer, electrician, transportation, or machine operator may be required to take the Mechanical Aptitude Test. This test evaluates candidates’ general aptitude to work with machinery and equipment.

To help you demonstrate your ability to use and maintain machinery,  our Ingredion PrepPack™ includes questions on mechanics, electronics, physical concepts, and servicing of tools that measure both your general understanding of mechanics and profession-specific knowledge. By consulting our diagrams, answer keys, and detailed study guides, you will be able to evaluate not only your final performance but also your progress while studying. By doing so, you will easily locate your weaknesses and know when to redouble your efforts to eliminate them. Prepare for your Ingredion’s pre-employment assessment with our exclusive resources, and prove that you can be trusted with the most sophisticated machine operations.

Ingredion’s Hiring Process

Two Phone Interviews

Once you submit your résumé and online application, you will have a phone conversation with a human resources representative, often followed by another phone interview with a human resources manager. In both these interviews, you will talk about your work history, career goals, and the structure of Ingredion’s business. Each phone interview can take up to 40 minutes. If you are competing for positions such as engineer and associate engineer, you may talk also to the company’s engineer, who will ask you several technical questions. Applicants applying for positions in the laboratory may be asked technical questions as well.

The Pre-Employment Tests

Provided your working experience and motivations have impressed the HR manager, you will be invited to do several online assessments.

  • The Mechanical Aptitude Test: One of the required tests is the Mechanical Aptitude Test. This test measures your aptitude to work with machinery and mechanical equipment. It contains 60 questions which you must complete in 30 minutes. Questions may be difficult and require close attention to details.
  • The Personality Assessment: Another test that Ingredion’s employers may invite you to pass is personality-based. This test evaluates your general dependability, conscientiousness and predicts if you will behave unprofessionally when hired.
  • The English, Math, and Accuracy Test: For some positions, the company may require job candidates to take the English, Math, and Accuracy test covering basic verbal and math competency, as well as attention to detail.

Face-to-Face Interview 

If you pass the tests, you will be scheduled for an interview at one of the company’s locations. The face-to-face interview is usually conducted by a human resources manager and two or three lead chemists or engineers. Conversation during the interview centers around an applicant’s education, working experience, skills, and abilities to solve problems. After this interview, you may have a meeting with a plant manager.

Sometimes, Ingredion organizes a social event for all job applicants, which gives them an opportunity to meet with many employers working in the company. Job candidates also listen to a presentation about Ingredion and its growth across Europe and Asia. After the presentation, job applicants tour the company’s plant and then have a short, ten-minute interview with upper managers.

What Is the Mechanical Aptitude Test?

The Mechanical Aptitude Test is given to candidates applying for the role of mechanic, engineer, electrician, or repair and maintenance worker. It predicts candidates’ ability to operate and look after complicated machinery and mechanical tools. The format of the test is mostly multiple choice questions related to diagrams. Together with assessing applicants’ profession-specific knowledge, the test also probes their understanding and intuition concerning a variety of subjects in the field of mechanics and electricity.   

Questions posed in the section on mechanics cover but not restricted to the following topics: 

  • Energy: transformation, work and power, kinetics, and potential energy;
  • Forces and motion: friction, accelerations, gravity, and pressure;

The mechanical portion of the test may also include queries about levers, pulleys, screws, gear, and springs.

In the section on electricity, you may come across various questions about topics such as voltage (resistance, current, capacitors, and charge) and circuits (parallel and series).

You may also be tested on topics such as magnetism, process flow, signals flow, electrical schematics, and electrical sequence.

The Mechanical Aptitude Test contains 60 questions which must be completed within half an hour. Although you have enough time to ponder over each question, tasks on the tests are not easy and require a considerable degree of knowledge and meticulous attention to details. You will score better on your pre-employment assessment if you have a couple of dry runs of the Mechanical Aptitude Test that we included into our Ingredion PrepPack™. With practice, you will show to your recruiters that you have the mechanical aptitude required that will surely guarantee success on the job. 

Ingredion Personality Test 

Another test contained in our Ingredion PrepPack™ is personality-based. Employers at Ingredion want to screen job candidates for behavioral risk factors. Their personality-based assessment ensures that prospective employees will not engage in counterproductive behaviors when hired. Employers also want to ascertain that job candidates will interact with their team members in a pleasant and productive way.

In particular, the Personality Test focuses on measuring professional traits such as conscientiousness and dependability. Scoring high on these traits predicts that you will not be blamed for absenteeism, time-wasting, theft, and fraud when you join Ingredion. To help you impress Ingredion’s recruiters, JobTestPrep has designed a personality test that will teach you how to highlight your best qualities and avoid incriminating yourself accidentally while answering tricky questions. With the help of our comprehensive resources, you will easily convince Ingredion employers that you will be the right fit for the company.

Ingredion Interview Questions

The interview process in Ingredion is many-fold. First, you may have two phone interviews, in which a human resources recruiter and manager will ask you questions about your work history and career goals. If you are applying for positions in the company’s laboratory, be prepared to answer also technical questions. If you successfully pass your pre-employment tests, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview. When you meet Ingredion’s employers in person, you will have short conversations with several interviewers, including lead chemists, engineers, and upper managers. Most of the questions asked in the face-to-face interviews are competency-based, though applicants for some positions should expect also technical queries. Some of the questions asked in interviews at Ingredion are listed below:

  • Why do you want to work for Ingredion?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Can you see yourself having a career at Ingredion?
  • What skills did you use in school or laboratory research that would be useful in this position?
  • What did you like least about your laboratory classes?
  • Tell me about a decision you regret.
  • Describe your skills and experience that are relevant to this position.
  • List the reasons why you changed employment during your career.
  • Share any personal attributes that you feel make you an exceptional candidate for this role.  
  • What is your experience with HPLC?
  • What is your experience with financial software?  
  • What structure would you expect for waxy starch to meet low retrogradation requirement?

You will find it helpful to go over the listed questions and formulate your responses to them. Armed with prepared answers, you will appear confident and composed in your actual interview at Ingredion. Your confidence and knowledge will inspire Ingredion’s recruiters to make a hiring decision in your favor. Do not forget also to do some research on the company and its business development.

About Ingredion

Ingredion is a company that creates ingredients solutions. It makes sweeteners, starches, nutrition ingredients and biomaterials used in everyday products from food and beverages to paper and pharmaceuticals. Using innovative technology, Ingredion transforms grains, fruits, vegetables, and plants into ingredients included in food, animal nutrition, lotions, and creams. Headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, Ingredion has branches across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. There are as many as 11,000 experts employed at Ingredion worldwide. The company aims to grow its presence in Asia and, therefore, continues hiring more and more specialists in all its departments. Salaries of Ingredion’s employees range from $44,000 to $115,000 a year, depending on the position.

Prepare for Your Ingredion Assessment Test

If your dream is to contribute to the refinement of food and beverages at Ingredion, do not ruin your chances of doing well on the company’s pre-employment assessment. Purchase our exclusive Ingredion PrepPack™, get ready for your tests, receive a job offer, and realize your ambition to make food and beverages tastier.   

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