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'The caliper test includes some math and logical questions and I also took a personality test. Not that hard, but the math (find the rules and pattern) and logical questions may scare some people. I had a virtual interview which I failed because I am just not used to this form of interviews. The question asked me to introduce myself, why I fit this role. 7 General questions in total.'

Accountant Applicant

10 Things to Know about Keyence Hiring Process

Check out these 10 things to know about the Keyence recruitment process:

  1. Keyence operates in 44 countries, has 200 offices, and serves more than 200,000 customers around the world. Keyence's number of employees is around 5,000.
  2. Currently, Keyence mainly recruits for technical sales representatives positions but also for some other positions. Visit Keyence's website for new job openings.
  3. For each position you apply for, there is a structured hiring process, which includes assessment tests and interviews.
  4. The tests that you will most likely encounter during Keyence hiring process are mechanical tests and personality tests. These tests measure skills and abilities required for the job.
  5. Bennet and Caliper are the test providers for the exams you will encounter. Preparing for those tests will help you gain an advantage in the hiring process.
  6. JobTestPrep will prepare you for all the exams you will encounter during the hiring process. Our practice tests include in-depth answer explanations and efficient score reports to help you prepare for the exam.
  7. If you passed the tests a recruiter will evaluate your submission for further advancement. At this point in the hiring process, you will most likely encounter an interview.
  8. If you fail one of the tests, the hiring process will end for you at that point. Preparing for the tests will help you avoid failure.
  9. Reviewing the test sections will help you prepare for the test. Our preparation packs contain questions and answers explanations to help you prepare.
  10. JobTestPrep's practice pack can help prepare you to succeed in the application process for various positions at Keyence.

Keyence Tests

The Keyence recruitment process includes taking the Keyence Caliper assessment and depending on the position the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test. Prepare for psychometric tests as you will be tested and practice is required if you wish to perform to their expectations. The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II is not fundamentally difficult but you have to practice with mechanical aptitude tests and be able to perform quickly as you have to answer 55 items in 25 minutes. The second test is a psychometry test, Caliper. This one is long as there are 100 questions, but no rush as you'll have all time you need to complete the test. You need logic also in this one.

Come Prepared with JobTestPrep

Getting that Keyence assessment tests can be a challenge, but with the right preparation for the tests and interviews coming your way, you're sure to get yourself the spot. Remember to show off the competencies at every turn and let assessors know that you are the best candidate for the job. Start preparing today with JobTestPrep's exclusive materials and improve your chances at the challenging Keyence hiring process.


Keyence Interview Process

Keyence often employs video interviews, also known as virtual interview. To excel in your Keyence interview you should be able to clearly present your reasons for applying for the specific position. Try showing an open mind, and a communicative attitude as you will probably be put in a position where you are expected to meet with clients and negotiate, and the recruiter will make sure you could fit. The Keyence interview questions are basic ones targeting your background and technical profile. What can you bring? Why did you apply, justify this in accordance with your previous experience. What do you expect the job to be (do your homework guys !). What are your salary expectations? (Bonus schemes can be significant, so think about that when answering). Prepare for your Keyence interview with JobTestPrep's Interview PrepPack.

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