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Belonging to Vista Equity Partners, Superion is a company that provides software and information technology solutions to city and county governments and public safety and nonprofit agencies. Headquartered in Lake Mary, FL, Superion serves millions of customers across North America and provides jobs to 1000 tech-savvy specialists. Salaries at Superion range from $67,919 to $104,868, depending on a position.


Insider Infromation:

'I took a CCAT version and it got difficult as I got further into it. The personality test was quick and simple.' 

Dabin D. QA Analyst


What Is Superion Assessment Test?

A part of Superion’s hiring process, the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) evaluates your skill-learning and problem-solving abilities along with your critical thinking. To measure these traits accurately, the CCAT is divided into three sections:

  • math and logic;
  • verbal skills;
  • spatial reasoning.

Altogether these three sections contain 50 questions, which you should be answered within 15 minutes. Your CCAT score is determined by the number of questions you answer correctly (a raw score) and in relation to scores obtained by other applicants. Note that different job positions require different score ranges; therefore it is advisable to find out what score you need to qualify for your applied position.  


Start Practicing for Superion Pre-Employment Assessment Test

JobTestPrep has compiled comprehensive practice materials to help improve your performance on the Superion pre-employment assessment. Get prepared with online practice tests, score reports, and detailed answer explanations, all geared towards helping you improve your score on the Superion CCAT.


Superion Interview and Application Process

Once you submit your application, cover letter, and résumé you will be invited to take the Superion CCAT and personality test.

Generally, the cognitive aptitude and personality tests are administered at the second stage of the company’s hiring process.

Once you pass your pre-employment assessments, you will be invited for an interview. Since being interviewed depends exclusively on your successful completion of the tests, preparation is crucial.

Get prepared for your upcoming Superion assessment test by practicing with JobTestPrep’s Superion PrepPack™.

Insider Information

What was the hardest part of the hiring process?

Preparing for the assessment because I have never taken one before.

What assessment tests did you take and how difficult were they?

I took a CCAT version and it got difficult as I got further into it. I did really well on the visual diagrams as I am a visual learner. The personality test was quick and simple.

QA Analyst 1 Applicant 2019

Superion Interview Questions

You will be invited for several interviews during your pre-employment assessment at Superion. You may have either a phone or Skype interview first. If you create a favorable impression in your first interview and score high in your tests, you will be interviewed by one of Superion managers in the company’s offices. Questions posed in these interviews are usually competency based, though some technical questions may be asked, too, if you applied for positions of a software developer or technical support, for example. Some questions interviewers have asked job applicants are listed below:

  • “How do you feel about going to work each day?”
  • “What challenges are you looking for next?”
  • “Walk me through your resume.”
  • “What is your experience in the field?”
  • “What do you know about Omni-Plus record keeping system?”
  • “Tell me about your former roles.”

By practicing with JobTestPrep interview tutoring material, you will learn how to answer questions confidently and make a lasting impression upon your interviewers.    

Superion Personality Test

Another test Superion might ask you to complete is the Superion personality assessment, which estimates your general aptitude for the company and your position. It also tries to predict how you will interact with your colleagues in specific work scenarios. Although in the personality test, you are expected to give genuine, impromptu answers, JobTestPrep will teach you how to present your strengths in an advantageous way. Study for your personality assessment with our pre-employment personality test and show to your employers that you have what it takes to move their business forward.

Companies Using Superion CCAT 

Company Position(s)
Audience View Chief Operating Officer
LogicMonitor Customer Success Technical Engineer
Sovos VP Finance


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