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The Benefits of Joining Bloomtech

There are 3 main benefits to joining Bloomtech online bootcamp:

  • Lambda (Bloomtech) Flexible Curriculum with live courses, online, that adjust to your schedule and learning pace. Personalized support, and on-demand learning make this learning method a true success.
  • Bloomtech Learning Process provides students with expert instructors, hands-on assignments, building products in teams, and live coding sessions.
  • Bloomtech Helps You Find a Job - A 1:1 career and technical coaching service, an outreach generator, preparation for every interview, and developing your negotiation skills for improving your compensation.

Bloomtech Entrance Exam (CCAT)

Before taking the course, Bloomtech requires taking a 15-minute exam called the CCAT (Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test ) which will assess if you have the necessary skills to succeed in the bootcamp. 

The CCAT consists of 50 questions. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible within the 15-minute time limit.  BloomTech applicants must answer at least 23 questions correctly to proceed to the next phase of the admissions process.

The CCAT consists of three types of questions: Verbal, Math and Logic, and Spatial Reasoning.

You shouldn't be surprised if your verbal reasoning and math scores differ - most people excel at one or the other.

Also, one of the main reasons the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude test is so challenging is the time limit. The time limit is there to test your ability to solve problems under pressure. You have only 15 minutes to solve the test or only 18 seconds per question, so it is vital to practice a lot and manage your time effectively.

Bloomtech CCAT Sample Questions

Before taking the CCAT, you should "diagnose" your current situation. This will prevent you from being surprised by the test. You will know in advance if there are skills that need to be strengthened ahead of the assessment. Here are some intermediate-level sample CCAT questions for you to try:

Bloom Institute CCAT Numerical Reasoning Practice Question

A bank has two interest policies: for a monthly salary of bellow $1,500, $1.5 is charged on a monthly basis. For a salary above $1,500, $2 is charged on a monthly basis. Danny earned $1350 for the first five months of the year, and he earned $1,700 for the other seven months of the year. What was the difference in annual interest collection between Danny's pre-raise and post-raise periods?


A. 21.5$
B. 0.5$
C. 20.5$
D. 6.5$
E. 7.5$
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (D) - $6.5

In the first 5 months of the year, Danny earned a monthly salary of $1,350, which is less than $1,500. Therefore, for each of these five months the bank charged Danny $1.5 and a total of: 5*1.5 = 5*1 + 5*0.5 = 5 + 5*(1/2) = 5 + 2.5 = $7.5.

On the other 7 months of the year, Danny earned a monthly salary of $1,700, which is more than $1,500. Therefore, for each of these 7 months the bank charged Danny $2 and a total of: 7*2 = $14.

Therefore, the difference in annual interest collection between Danny's pre-raise and post-raise periods is: 14 – 7.5 = $6.5


Bloom Institute CCAT Verbal Reasoning Practice Question



Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C) - BLATANT is to MASKED.

REPLETE means “full with,” and FAMISHED means “very hungry.” If a person is FAMISHED, they are not REPLETE with food. In a specific context, these two adjectives directly contradict one another. 

If something is BLATANT it is very obvious, while if something is MASKED it is hidden. If something is MASKED, it is not BLATANT – these two words also directly contradict each other, and is therefore the correct answer. 

Incorrect Answers
A – SHROUD means “to cover,” and HASTEN means “to do something quickly.” These two words do not have a strong relationship.

B – PLAUSIBLE means “reasonable,” and PLACATE means “try to please.” These two words do not have a strong relationship.

D – COMMENCE means to begin, and a person GRADUATEs upon completing a course of study. Often, GRADUATION ceremonies are referred to as COMMENCEment ceremonies. These two words are related, but do not contradict one another. 

E – A person who is DEPRESSED may not be SUCCESSFUL, but these two words do not directly contradict each other. 


Bloom Institute CCAT Spatial Reasoning Practice Question

CCAT Spatial Reasoning Sample Question
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Every column contains two shapes. The left column contains a triangle and a circle, the middle column contains a circle and a square, and the right column contains a square and a triangle. Down the column, one shape increases in size while another shape decreases in size.

Take a look at the right column.

The triangle becomes progressively smaller as the square becomes progressively bigger. Therefore, the answer option will have a small triangle inside of a large square. Eliminate answer option D, since it is missing a large square.

Additionally, in each row, each shape of the same size is of a different color. In the bottom row, there is a small, white circle and a small, black square. Therefore, the answer option will contain a small, gray triangle. You can eliminate answer options B and E.

Furthermore, in the bottom row, there is a large, black triangle, and a large gray, circle. Therefore, the answer option will contain a large, white square. Eliminate answer option C and you are left with answer option A as the correct answer.

The correct answer is A

How did you do? Remember, JobTestPrep full CCAT PrepPack features hundreds of CCAT-style questions in all difficulty levels, so you can progressively build your skills.

More about the CCAT PrepPack

Bloomtech vs Galvanize Comparison

The best way to know if Bloomtech (Lambda bootcamp) is worth it is to compare its value offer to one of its top competitors - Galvanize (Hack Reactor). Through this short analysis, you will gain insights into Bloomtech's unique selling points and competitive advantages, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Bootcamp Type

  • Bloomtech: Specific for positions such as full stack web developer and backend developer.
  • Galvanize: General prep for software engineers.

Entrance Exam

  • Bloomtech - A 15-minute CCAT Test.
  • Galvanize - A 15-minute CCAT test, a 1-minute typing test, and an interview.

Learning Process

  • Bloomtech - live lectures, hands-on assignments, and a flexible schedule.
  • Galvanize - The learning is done through assessments and projects. If necessary, you can retake sections of the course.

Tuition Plan

  • Bloomtech - Tuition for this option requires no upfront payment and is backed by a 110% tuition refund guarantee. If you fail to find a job paying at least $50,000 a year, you'll receive a full tuition refund plus 10%.
  • Galvanize - Income share plan (ISA) upfront deposit of $100 – you pay the rest once you’re employed.

Job Search

  • Bloomtech: 1:1 Coaching, outreach generator, Interview prep, help with salary negotiations.
  • Galvanize: 1:1 Coaching, help with building a GitHub Project Portfolio, practicing mock interviews.

Bloom Institute of Technology Reviews

The following table includes ratings from students of their overall Bloomtech bootcamp coding experience:

Website Reviews Ratings
SwitchUp 194 4.4
Course Report 119 4.3
Career Karma 310 4.5
Glassdoor 195 3

Bloomtech Cost and Payment Options

Bloomtech tuition can be paid in two ways:

A Deferred Tuition Plan

Tuition for this option requires no upfront payment and is covered by a 110% tuition refund guarantee. You will receive a full tuition refund plus an additional 10% if you fail to find a job paying at least $50,000 a year within a year of graduating from BloomTech.

An Upfront Tuition Plan

Tuition can be paid in 3 installments or in one lump sum. Those who pay upfront and follow the BloomTech job search program, but do not receive job offers paying at least $50,000 per year within a year of graduation, are entitled to a full tuition refund plus 10%.


What is BloomTech?

Bloomtech (AKA Lambda School) is an online coding school known for its in-depth curriculum flexible schedule and quality instructors. It offers courses in 3 types of engineering positions Full Stack Web Developer, Data scientist, and Backend developer.

Full Stack Web Developer Online Course(Accordion)

A Full Stack Web Developer is a professional responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the entire technology stack that powers web applications. This includes working with both the front-end and back-end aspects of web development, as well as server and database management.

The Bloomtech Full Stack Web Developer 960 hours online course includes the following topics:

  • Web Foundations: HTML, CSS, Git, JavaScript and UI Principles.
  • Web Application Development: ‍React, Redux, React Router, HTTP/Ajax, and Functional Programming Techniques.
  • Advanced Web Development: Advanced React, State Management, and Web Applications.
  • Back End Development: Node – Node.js Web APIs, Data Persistence, Authentication, and Testing.
  • Applied Computer Science: ‍Prepare for technical job interviews: Data Structures, Graphs, Hash Tables, and Coding Interview Prep.
  • Labs: Participate in our in-house apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team.
Bloomtech Data Science Online Course

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that involves the use of statistical and computational methods to extract insights and knowledge from data. Data scientists are professionals who are skilled in using programming languages like Python or R to collect, clean, process and analyze large and complex data sets.

The Bloomtech 960 hours Data Science online course includes the following topics:

  • Statistics Fundamentals: ‍Data Wrangling and Storytelling, Statistical Analysis, Tests, Experiments, and Linear Algebra.
  • Predictive Modeling: Linear Models, Model Comparison, Applied Modeling, and Data Visualization.
  • Data Engineering: Software Engineering, SQL and Databases, Productization, and Cloud.
  • Machine Learning: ‍Natural Language Processing, Neural Network Foundations, Cutting-edge models, and architectures.
    Applied Computer Science (ACS): Intro to Python and OOP, Algorithms, Data Structures, Graphs, Hash Tables, and Coding Interview Tips.
  • Labs: ‍Participate in our in-house apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team.
Bloomtech Backend Development Online Course

A Backend Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining the server-side of web applications, including designing and implementing server-side architecture, building APIs, managing databases, and ensuring data security and privacy.

The 1,440-hour online program that was jointly developed with Amazon includes :

  • Java Foundations: Problem-solving strategies, command-line basics, IDE basics, Git basics, variables, arithmetic operations, strings, user input, object instantiation, boolean logic, conditionals, loops, arrays, and more.
  • Intermediate Java: Writing and testing functional requirements, debugging, unit testing, memory, encapsulation, polymorphism and interfaces, primitive wrapper classes, generics, lists, and more.
  • Designing with Java: Designing with Java: ‍Logging, remote debugging, inheritance, polymorphism, hashing, set, maps, design with composition, exception handling, mocking, and statics.
  • Working with Databases: HTTP and RESTful services, introduction to DynamoDB, creating exceptions, dependency injection, linked lists, searching, Big O, recursion, data stores, and deploying.
  • Learn and Be Curious: API design, DynamoDB table design, DynamoDB index design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, integration tests, and scrum. Practice your new skills while building a project in a team setting.
  • Advanced Java: Iterators, DynamoDB delete, DynamoDB query, stacks, queues, intro to computer hardware, intro to operating systems, threads, immutability, final, in-memory caching, and more.
  • Java at Scale: Optionals, streams, DynamoDB scan, JSON serialization, executor services, futures, thread safety, graphs, trees, service design, and intro to relational databases.
  • Interview Preparation: Solving technical programming challenges that may include: complexity, counting frequencies, string representation, loops, sort, division & modulo, priority queue, sliding windows, prefix sums, linked lists, stacks, segment trees, graphs, and more.
  • Labs: Participate in our in-house apprenticeship program by building a real-world project in a small team.




What Is the Success Rate of Bloomtech?

According to their 2021 outcomes report the company achieved a 90% placement rate for graduates, with a median salary of $65,000.

Is BloomTech Accredited?

Bloom Institute of Technology is not a recognized institution. The BloomTech Institute is regulated at the state level as a post-secondary education institution.

How Much Does Bloom Institute of Technology Cost?

The upfront tuition plan costs 21,950$ while the deferred tuition is 23,000$ + 12.5% interest monthly payments for the loan.

Is Lambda Hard to Get Into?

Yes, as a prerequisite to learning, the company requires passing a cognitive test (CCAT). You can test your cognitive skills with the following CCAT practice test.



If you are looking for a different test, or are not sure which test is relevant for your position, please  contact us, and we will do our best to ensure you get the most accurate preparation for your upcoming assessment.






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