Crossover Cognitive Test: Accurate Prep [2022]
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Accurate Prepping is Key to Passing the Crossover's Test

When gearing up to take the Crossover cognitive aptitude test there are a few things you should know. The test is filled with a wide range of questions and it is crucial to have a guide that will provide not only precise information but also allow you with the opportunity to practice within the test format. 

To ensure your success, JobTestPrep's test developers have prepared a thorough and complete PrepPack™ that includes hundreds of questions for all Crossover test topics, plus five full-length practice tests, to get you sharp and ready to excel in your Crossover assessment test

Here is What Our Exclusive Crossover PrepPack™ Covers:

  • Numerical Section – Word problems, number series, and tables and graphs are closely patterned after the real test.

This a numerical sample question (taken from our full PrepPack™) that highly resembles questions you'll face on the real test:

A class of 19 students had an average of 80 on a certain exam. A new student joined the class and received 90 on the exam. What is the new class average?

  1. 80.5
  2. 82
  3. 83.5
  4. 84.7
  5. 85

Have you noticed how long it took you to solve this? Because on the real test, you'll have less than 20 seconds to answer each question. Therefore, on our complete preparation pack, we'll teach you effective solving methods that will skyrocket your problem-solving time.

  • Verbal Section –Antonyms, word analogies, and sentence completion questions mirror those on test day.
  • Abstract Section – Our range of differently formatted questions, like matrices and odd one out, logical/deduction, and error checking questions will get you into fighting shape for real-time.

This is a CCAT-style Next in Series question many get wrong on the first attempt (if they've never practiced it before):


Solving such questions quickly and accurately is very challenging without proper preparation. Thus, we're going to show you some neat tactics on our full PrepPack™ that will have a major impact on your solving speed and accuracy in the future.

For more information, key tips, and sample questions, watch the following video:

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How the Crossover Test Is Scored

Your Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test results will be compared to the raw score suggested for the position. If your score falls into the range of the suggested scores for the role you are hoping to be considered for, you will be deemed competent for the position.

Note: Crossover uses the famous CCAT test. If you want further reading, you can get more details on our comprehensive CCAT Test Scores page.

Additional Crossover Assessment Tests

Software Architects/Engineers & Programmers

These positions demand to compete in “hiring tournaments” or “hiring marathons,” which include several hours of back-to-back assessment testing. Let’s take a deeper look!

Test providers:  5Qs and HackerRank.

Test Types:

  • Algorithm Assessment: You will be required to implement a basic algorithm in a language of your choosing.
  • Spoken Comprehension: This assessment will include a technical presentation video then answer questions related to the contents of the video.
  • Technical Assessment: This assessment will test you on material specific to the role you have applied for.
  • You may also be required to take a numerical reasoning assessment.

Crossover for Work’s Hiring Process

The hiring process for Crossover for Work can be somewhat grueling. This process will often include:

  • Application Process: To apply for a position with Crossover you will need to first go to their job webpage. From there you will be prompted to fill in an online application and upload your resume.
  • Hiring Tournament: Once your resume and application have been reviewed and are a match for the position you have applied for, you will be invited to participate in a hiring tournament. The hiring tournament will consist of several skills assessments and aptitude tests to evaluate your suitability for the position being offered.
  • Personal Interviews: If you have passed the assessments administered during one of the Crossover hiring tournaments you will be contacted to participate in one or more in-person interviews.


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